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#9589 SCI: SQ6: Pathfinding failure allows clipping through scenery new sci32, pathfinding defect normal
#9749 SCI: SQ6: Shuttle Bay Entrance bug new sci32, pathfinding defect normal
#9787 SCI: KQ7: Rosella walks through walls new sci32, pathfinding defect normal
#9818 SCI: Torin: ASTHENIA path finding issues new sci32, pathfinding defect normal
#10404 SCI: LSL7: parser behavior improvement new sci32 feature request normal
#10803 AGOS: SIMON2: Subtitle support is missing. Amiga and Mac CDs new CD32 foreign subtitles defect normal
#11502 GROOVIE: Support for the 25th Anniverary 7th Guest edtition (multi-lingual) new 7th guest 25th anniversary defect normal
#11513 AGI: SQ2 (AppleIIGS) - frame/audio sync issues new iigs 2gs cycle defect normal
#12071 SCI: KQ4 SCI version 1.000.111 - MT-32 plays back some improper instruments new KQ4, SCI, MT32, music defect normal
#12915 SCUMM/HE: Backyard Football 2002 crash starting a match new Backyard Football 2002 defect normal
#13014 SCUMM: Monkey Island EGA: MT32 episode presentation music loops where it shouldn't new MT32, music, loop, monkey, ega defect normal
#13139 GRIM: Grim Fandango - model glitch year 3 new grim, model, year 3, 2.5.0 defect normal
#13317 Update aspect ratio for new iPad Mini 6 2021 new aspect ratio ipad mini 2021 feature request normal
#14530 BACKENDS: SDL2: Regression with software mode new window/fullscreen switch, launcher, SDL2 , regression defect normal
#14735 GOB: Gobliins 2 - Amiga - Tazaar House. Inside it's completely glitched. pending Gob2 - Amiga - Glitched BJNFNE defect normal
#14770 Update Nuked OPL3 emulator to lastest version. new OPL2, YM3812, OPL3, YMF262 feature request normal
#14890 ANDROID: Monkey Island 3 doesn't work anymore new SAF, Help, 2.8.0 defect normal
#14922 VCRUISE: Schizm: low performance when playing directly from the DVD new Single 2 sided DVD side 1 (also tried one folder deeper) elasota defect normal
#15053 BACKENDS: AMIGAOS: another unsupported GL uniform? new GL, OGLES2, gl4es, shader defect normal
#15098 AGI: KQ2: Dracula Never Appears in his Castle (Except in his Coffin) new KQ2, Dracula defect normal
#15145 AGI: SQ2: Text Boxes Moving Too Quickly new SQ2, text defect normal
#9846 SCI: PQ4: Can't leave morgue by clicking on car new sci32 original defect low
#9852 SCI: PQ4: Repeated speech outside of morgue new sci32, pathfinding defect low
#10779 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Baba's pestle hovers above mortar new SCI32 original defect low
#10785 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Berries item, icon color is wrong new SCI32 original defect low
#10786 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Note 'left on chest' appears on the floor new SCI32 original defect low
#12007 SWORD2DEMO: Missing songs in Spanish Windows demo? new Sword2, demo, Spanish defect low
#13125 GRIM: Grim Fandango: opengl dialog transcript text errors new grim, opengl, linux, dialog, transcript, 2.5.0 defect low
#13127 GRIM: Grim Fandango - change default controller keys new grim, linux, controller, joystick, keymap, 2.5.0 feature request low
#13140 GRIM: Grim Fandango, year 3 chain foreground new grim, foreground, model, 2.5.0 defect low
#13141 GRIM: Grim Fandango ! year 3 end cutscene cuts early new grim, cutscene, year 3, 2.5.0 defect low
#13148 GRIM: Grim Fandango _ after end game credits cannot exit the game new grim, ending, credits, 2.5.0 defect low
#13149 GRIM: Grim Fandango % year 4 sewer transparency new grim, transparency, sewer, year 4, 2.5.0 defect low
#15096 compilation issue: no more ARM64 cpu optimisations (NEON) new configure compilation msys2 mingw aarch64 arm64 neon WindowsonARM WoA64 WinARM64 defect low
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