20:05 Ticket #13714 (BACKENDS: IOS: “Could not initialize color format.” On starting The ...) closed by criezy
20:05 Ticket #12918 (IOS: iOS 14 mouse support) closed by criezy
19:07 Ticket #14421 (HOF_CD unknown game variant) closed by zeolo
18:33 Ticket #14429 (ULTIMA: Crash when starting Ultima 6 with FM-Towns speech) created by Nebelmann
When i try to start ultima-6 with the fm-towns speech, scummvm …
15:58 Ticket #14428 (XEEN: restrict icons in shops) created by yarolig
Right now ScummVM do not shows restricted icons in shops. You can see …
15:46 Ticket #14427 (XEEN: negative toHit underflow) created by yarolig
Wooden and leather weapons should have toHit penalties. But instead I …
15:27 Ticket #14426 (XEEN: can't launch. No mm.dat for World of Xeen) created by yarolig
I getting error "Could not locate engine data mm.dat" when trying to …
14:44 Ticket #14425 (XEEN: gog.com game variant) created by yarolig
Hello. I got a game from gog.com and it is not detected by latest …
05:59 Ticket #3799 (DRASCULA: slowdown when you hold mouse buttons) closed by bluegr
fixed: Fixed by this PR: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4922 Closing


14:44 Ticket #14424 (SHERLOCK: ROSETATTOO: Items in the Chinese version cannot be used) created by yhdgwolf
Items in the Chinese version cannot be used, and the game cannot be played.
09:16 Ticket #13857 (GRAPHICS: Screenshots (Alt+s) broken (alpha channel prominent)) closed by tag2015
00:06 Ticket #14395 (WEB: Interactive and non-interactive English demo of Sam and Max are ...) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you. I confirmed that on the server samnmax-dos-demo-en.zip and …


12:53 Ticket #13916 (GLK: ZCODE - Unknown game variants) closed by tag2015
11:37 Ticket #14423 (ANDROID: Add a note or tip in the BACKEND tab about the Virtual Keyboard) created by LukasThyWalls
Hello. A simple feature request. Add a note or tip in the BACK-END …
11:33 Ticket #14422 (ANDROID: Support more virtual keyboard language layouts) created by LukasThyWalls
Hello. The built-in virtual keyboard used in the Android port doesn't …


21:28 Ticket #14421 (HOF_CD unknown game variant) created by zeolo
this version of 'kyrianda2' is include in the cd-rom of 'kyrianda3'. …


21:43 Ticket #14416 ([GLK: AGT] Missing 2 titles) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks, added in commit …
21:42 Ticket #14415 ([GLK: Alan3] Missing 5 titles) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks, added in commit …
21:41 Ticket #14414 ([GLK: Alan2] Missing 3 titles) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks, added in commit …
15:16 Ticket #14268 (AGS: Some Blackwell titles from Steam recognized as GOG.com version) closed by tag2015
11:35 Ticket #14420 (TETRAEDGE: Syberia 1 - Kate's movement is 'jumpy' and not accurate ...) created by PacketLauncher
I have found the game very laggy in terms of the main character (Kate) …
08:07 Ticket #14419 (SWORD2: Unknown game variant for sword2) created by maximalEbooks
The game in 'Sword2\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …


19:10 Ticket #14283 (AGS: The letter Z not displayed properly in The Curse of Life) closed by tag2015
17:50 Ticket #14418 (TETRAEDGE: Syberia 1 - Hot spots and walk behind areas turn to solid ...) created by PacketLauncher
I'd like to report that hot spots and walk behind areas turn to solid …
17:34 Ticket #13724 (AGS: Resonance: Unable to read emails on the receptionist's PC) closed by tag2015
fixed: Closing. This is related to bug #13725 (same "puzzle", you get access …
17:31 Ticket #13725 (AGS: Resonance: Password cracker hangs / does not animate when using ...) closed by tag2015
16:38 Ticket #13780 (AGS: Bmail and Rosa's website are empty in Blackwell Convergence) closed by tag2015
16:10 Ticket #14417 (GUI: Only default icons in grid view) created by chkr-private
Only default icons are shown in the grid view. How to reproduce: * …
10:04 Ticket #14412 (GLK: ALAN2: Detection not working for uppercase filename) closed by tag2015
fixed: Good catch! Fixed in …
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