20:34 Ticket #13756 (Missing sludge variant of Life Flashes By) closed by treloret
fixed: PR closed by Bluegr
17:21 Ticket #13775 (SCUMM: Android freezes after the cinematic with the ghost and Sophia ...) created by Olfdev
The app freezes (only the keyboard can be enabled/disabled, nothing …
07:05 Ticket #13774 (HYPNO: Difficulty levels are not implemented in Soldier Boyz) created by neuromancer
The difficulty levels in Soldier Boyz define how the health the player …
07:02 Ticket #13773 (HYPNO: Some sound/music is missing in Soldier Boyz) created by neuromancer
There are some missing sounds/music in the current implementation: * …


17:16 Ticket #13772 (Person switch) closed by Alien-Grey
fixed: Looks the same with the original so it's probably no bug.
12:31 Ticket #13772 (Person switch) created by Alien-Grey
There's a bug in the game Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars. …
09:48 Ticket #13771 (French translation variant for asylum) created by Guy0me
The game in 'Data\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …


20:19 Ticket #13770 (AGS: Resonance Null pointer referenced! on first screen on 2.6.0) created by TiCoKH
In AGS engine/game Resonance GOG version after intro, game crash on …
16:40 Ticket #13664 (BLADERUNNER: Errors and issues with subtitles v7) closed by antoniou79
fixed: I've gone through all of the in-game transcript quotes for Italian and …
16:37 Ticket #13727 (Blade Runner - Unable to locate page 2759 for animation frame 986 frame 0) closed by antoniou79
00:51 Ticket #13769 (BURIED: Castle wall does not explode after waiting) created by seanwiththebeard
On a new game, the wall explodes after waiting on the corner for a few …


20:08 Ticket #13733 (DIRECTOR: Windows version of Spaceship Warlock has stopped working) closed by mistydemeo
fixed: I've merged the fix.
19:29 Ticket #13768 (STARK: TLJ no longer uses correct aspect ratio (stretched, widescreen ...) created by huftis
In the game The Longest Journey, the correct aspect ratio is no longer …
11:57 Ticket #13764 (Unknown game variant for ags) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks for the report, Added in PR …


21:52 Ticket #13753 (AGS: New version for Technobabylon (Aug 4 (2.5) and Aug 6 (2.5a) update)) closed by criezy
fixed: Added. Thank you.
20:45 Ticket #13762 (SCUMM: MONKEY1 (EGA/VGA Floppy): Inaccurate text position) closed by athrxx
fixed: Thanks for the report. The bug has been fixed.
18:46 Ticket #13767 (GRAPHICS: OpenGL screenshots not capturing latest frame if no input) created by lwcorp
Other than conversation screens (when a character's face is zoomed …
17:20 Ticket #13742 (Detection of missing sci-fanmade games) closed by treloret
assigned: Gonna dabble in fixing stuff myself
15:26 Ticket #13766 (DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for director (Leonardo the Inventor)) created by huftis
The game in 'leo' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please report …
01:14 Ticket #13765 (GLK/ADRIFT Missing TAF entries shown under letter A in wiki page) created by treloret
Checked the games starting with A for now at …


20:18 Ticket #13764 (Unknown game variant for ags) created by Termimad
The game in 'KQ4Retold' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
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