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GLK/ADRIFT Missing TAF entries shown under letter A in wiki page

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Checked the games starting with A for now at

ADRIFTMAS Party [Dana Crane][2002][freeware]:
{"adriftmasparty.taf", 0, "d06febddd1f136bb7ef59713c31f2066", 3034048}

Adventures of Thumper - Wonder Wombat [Chris Tyson][2002][freeware]:
{"wonderwombat.taf", 0, "d050a635699242cbfd383f7e16fe3a63", 107200},

Aegis [Jacqueline Huber][2010][freeware]:
{"Aegis.taf", 0, "8726e90b50bdc92967f944a582daff2c", 45755},

Akari's Story [Taleweaver][2004][freeware]:
{"AkarisStory.taf", 0, "71a1137269234ee0941e54965c951c73", 31094},

Albert is Lost!: An Adventure in Real Life [Tiberius Thingamus][2010][freeware]:
{"Lost_Albert.taf", 0, "3667644307d9e9683eb88b1fd4f90562", 279251},

Alexis: Dalskee [Alex Kingsbury][2002][freeware]:
{"ALEXIS.TAF", 0, "d1adc72ae5f19e18e386ec1a3cab7212", 87229},

Alias: Undercover Agent [Rainbowscape][2002][freeware]:
{"alias.taf", 0, "14176ef2af8207d54b6c4ae6a8938046", 9213},

Alice's Restaurant Anti-Massacree Adventure [Laura Lee][2005][freeware]:
{"arlo.taf", 0, "442cc382e180eabe878f69c1d8470374", 18765},

All Hallows Eve [Alvin Echeverria][2010][freeware]:
{"All Hallows Eve.taf", 0, "941fb55e949f3272a089ea69a6ddba8d", 6707},

Amnesia Kid [Dude][2004][freeware]:
{"amnesiakid.taf", 0, "fa5998636923d0319b7a62ac685a49b7", 10268},

Amy And The Raging Hormones [Snarfbert][2003][freeware]:
{"amy.taf", 0, "be11b8af8fb1885c684f34962a32a887", 23957},

Another Friday Party [the high king][2010][freeware]:
{"AFP.taf", 0, "218d6543f45a7cd921cb7c2187f9600e", 79881},

Apokalupsis [James Webb][2009][freeware]:
{"apokalupsis.taf", 0, "c3e90bfb8cea957cebbf306add17cd3e", 19822},

Archie's Birthday - Chapter 1- Reggie's Gift [Purple Dragon][2005][freeware]:
{"Archie's Birthday V 1-2.taf", 0, "fe52abda2b95ef53b23fb0fbaa7cbae7", 284319},

Asteroid Aftermath [Duncan Bowsman][2008][freeware]:
{"asteroid_after.taf", 0, "d555b913fd85319b745a83efeb9a0601", 5792},

Asylum [Mel S][2003][freeware]:
{"as.taf", 0, "5d03f29f530701db4dc096b9e7307ae4", 44503},

Attack of Doc Lobster's Mutant Menagerie of Horror [Duncan Bowsman][2011][freeware]:
{"lobster.taf", 0, "e4fdf252cfa05e672ffaeb806e9d6c0c", 7186},

Attack of the Mutaydid Meat Monsters [Duncan Bowsman][2009][freeware]:
{"mutaydid.taf", 0, "23c47fd2ff2a06e05e7ae7ba028ce090", 513587},

Classic Adventure [Nick Rogers][2007][freeware][1.0.2]:
{"advent350b.taf", 0, "1d50a4f82fda17e06a178fd634ced8b4", 45400},

El Ascensor [Pipo98][2008][freeware][Spanish]:
{"El ascensor.taf", 0, "30494599eb5c012b677fec49fa0766a8", 3219428},

The Adventures of Bob Bobsly [Christ Tyson][2000][freeware]:
{"BobBobsly.taf", 0, "de60977da0c1ddbcc467d2fedd9751bd", 10310},

The Adventures of Postman Matt (and his black and white cat) [David Whyld][2018][freeware]:
{"Postman Matt.taf", 0, "bbdd2a34e831964eafb5c06562429c74", 6668},

The Adventures of Space Boy! Volume II [David Parish][2007][freeware]:
{"sbwdII.taf", 0, "62f9b0e0840ee70cc311108d24cd7c83", 12712},

The Alchemist [Renata Burianova][2003][freeware]:
{"alchemist.taf", 0, "c22b910b9c9703dd190c6bce71532bae", 165297},

The Amazing TV Caper [Bryan Peterson][2006][freeware]:
{"tvcaper.taf", 0, "f456b996a5dcb6037e75196406e3c86d", 6187},

The Amazing Uncle Griswold [David Whyld][2005][freeware]:
{"Griswold.taf", 0, "a044a6c6117b98aaa81c4083a2144946", 18992},

The Angel, the Devil and the Human [Benjamin Samuel][2007][freeware]:
{"1_HEH.taf", 0, "a4508d6fbbd89ead3e72e961fe288427", 4429},

The Average Life [Kit][2001][freeware]:
{"average.taf", 0, "bc4d0db4a6b95136bdb92aae623b7786", 11350},

If needed I can send them, all were collected from adrift.co/delron.org.uk/ifarchive.org

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All these entries are now part of the detection tables.


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