22:13 Ticket #12792 (AGS: The Phantom Fellows Demo Not Detected) closed by digitall
21:45 Ticket #12773 (SQ1VGA: Toggle for ZZ Top?) closed by sluicebox
fixed: We discussed it and decided that this is a silly option. So I did it: …
21:28 Ticket #12792 (AGS: The Phantom Fellows Demo Not Detected) created by thevolumeremote
Name: The Phantom Fellows Demo Version: Demo v1.0.0.8 Matched game …
13:13 Ticket #12791 (SAGA: Chinese Version of INHM Not Detected) created by 9yw
The game in 'SCREAM\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
05:03 Ticket #12541 (Unknown game variant for ultima) closed by mduggan
fixed: The detection entry for this one should now be available in the latest …


22:54 Ticket #12790 (ULTIMA8: crash after intro when u8save.000 is missing) created by Knuffibaer
If the game is installed fresh and has never been started before there …
22:13 Ticket #12789 (Compilation failure due usage macro remove()) created by fedor4ever
In symbian port remove() declared as macro sibling for unlink() …
03:27 Ticket #12508 (AGS: Broken dialogue option fonts in Rango) closed by dreammaster
02:38 Ticket #12665 (Flashlight glitch in Maniac Mansion Deluxe) closed by dreammaster
fixed: The flashlight handling should all be fixed now.


23:23 Ticket #12415 (AGS: Strange 'ß' character in German Gemini Rue version) closed by dreammaster
22:17 Ticket #12783 (GUI: No scrollbar in Hi-Res debug console) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in f3278c70628ee925f4f235bd6220b0be29add3f9
18:54 Ticket #6684 (SAGA: ITE - Intro speech lacks pauses between phrases.) closed by bluegr
invalid: I compared the two recordings that LordHoto provided, and indeed can't …
06:32 Ticket #5862 (AGOS: Deadlock when quitting Waxworks demo) closed by bluegr
fixed: This has most probably been fixed with eriktorbjorn's mutex fixes. …
06:30 Ticket #4502 (BASE: ScummVM won't quit if error() is called in a timer callback) closed by bluegr
fixed: This is probably not relevant anymore, after the fixes to the MIDI …
05:48 Ticket #12777 (Crusader: No Remorse - No Intro) closed by mduggan
fixed: I added some extra notes to the wiki installation instructions.
03:21 Ticket #12788 (AGOS: Frozen character animation when skipping dialog) created by TrivialBalderdash
When skipping dialog by right clicking, sometimes the character …
02:59 Ticket #12787 (AGOS: Simon 1 Demo saves conflicting with Simon 1 full game) created by TrivialBalderdash
The recently implemented Simon the Sorcerer demo (#11200) uses the …


21:34 Ticket #12786 (AGS: The Phantom Fellows Demo Not Detected) created by thevolumeremote
Game: The Phantom Fellows Demo Language: English Matched game IDs for …
11:38 Ticket #12785 (AGS: Space Quest - A son of Xenon - Volume slider) created by Alien-Grey
The volume slider for the sound doesn't change the volume.
11:36 Ticket #12784 (AGS: Space Quest Minus I: Decisions of the Elders - Volume slider) created by Alien-Grey
The volume slider for the sound doesn't change the volume.
04:13 Ticket #12783 (GUI: No scrollbar in Hi-Res debug console) created by sluicebox
Windows, latest nightly build, OpenGL mode (not SDL) 1. Bring up the …


21:24 Ticket #12782 (AGS: Space Quest - Incinerations - Volume issue) created by Alien-Grey
When loading a save state the sound plays at a lower volume. The …
21:17 Ticket #12753 (Space Quest - Incinerations - Screen rendering bug) closed by Alien-Grey
fixed: Closed this ticket because the bug is fixed with latest ScummVM …
11:56 Ticket #12771 (AGS King's Quest 3 VGA from IA crashes on startup) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you for your report. This is now fixed.
07:41 Ticket #12781 (No music and commentary audio track in Strangeland (AGS)) created by Paolo86cripple
Music and commentary tracks are missing in Strangeland. Using a self …


17:35 Ticket #12780 (PARALLACTION: Nippon - Donna not disguised) created by TrivialBalderdash
During the visit to the Lucky Look to get the disguise as the signer, …
13:33 Ticket #12045 (SCUMM: FT: seg fault in the imuse_digi submodule when a game action is ...) closed by AndywinXp
01:59 Tickets #12741,​12742 batch updated by dreammaster
fixed: Fixed upstream, and now integrated into ScummVM.
01:28 Ticket #12779 (AGS: Unknown variant for Eternally Us (English, AGS)) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the report. I'm adding it in.
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