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GOLDRUSH: no intro after trivia

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I just bought myself Gold Rush! via Ebay and tried it to run it on the latest SVN version of ScummVM from 14th June using WinXP.

It's the English disk version and I copied all the files from the two disks to my hard drive and started it. But after answering the trivia correctly, the game just starts the street in Boston. I also tried to run it under NAGI and DOSBox, but after the trivia there seems to be an intro sequence before the beginning in Boston.

Could this be fixed to show the whole intro?

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comment:1 by SF/darkfiber, 17 years ago

sounds like its leaving a keypress in the buffer thats cuasing it to skip over the intro. I can check tonight in about mm 10 hours when I get home from work. GR has always behaved very well in the AGI engine, no real problems at all, and a code change breaking this game would probably break other AGI games.

If someone else is going to look at this bug, you might want to check some other games that run intros and check for the same behaviour.

without really knowing, I would check the event queue or something and see if its empty

comment:2 by SF/buddha_, 17 years ago

Just to validate that darkfiber's right:

I took a bit of a look and yes, the enter-keypress left over from accepting the input in the copy protection screen is what's messing things up. The intro sequence's first room ( -> logic.073) checks for have.key() and sees that there's a key (0x0d, the enter) still there and skips over the intro and goes to -> logic.001 (i.e. the beginning of the game in Brooklyn's streets). I tested this using today's trunk from SVN and Gold Rush v2.01 (3.5"/PC/DOS).

comment:3 by SF/buddha_, 17 years ago

I submitted a workaround for this bug to the trunk. The diff to the previous revision:

comment:4 by SF/buddha_, 17 years ago

Just to add that if anyone can find a more general way to fix this (But still a safe way i.e. that it wouldn't break other AGI games) I think it would be preferrable to the workaround I just submitted.

comment:5 by SF/buddha_, 17 years ago

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comment:6 by SF/buddha_, 17 years ago

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