23:41 Ticket #12512 (AGS: Unknown game variant for AGS (Onironauta)) created by GateKeeper-Adventurer
Onironauta is not detected by ScummVM. This is a commercial …


20:48 Ticket #12511 (AGS: Game title for unknown variant) created by thevolumeremote
Matched game IDs for the ags engine: phantomfellows {"TPF.exe", 0, …
08:27 Ticket #12510 (AGS: Ben There Dan That: Crash when leaving the Spaceship Hub) created by ahem
SCUMMVM Version: 2.3.0git15941-ge000b92ab9 (May 2 2021 10:07:16) Game: …
00:11 Ticket #9713 (FULLPIPE: Sprites/Animation broken (AmigaOS4)) closed by sev-
fixed: Finally.
00:09 Ticket #12026 (SCUMM: Autosave no longer works) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed


21:31 Ticket #12387 (AGS: Error when starting Chronicles of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness) closed by dreammaster
19:13 Ticket #12509 (TINSEL: memory corruption with DW1 V0 floppy demo) created by dwatteau
ScummVM shows a memory corruption issue when launching and quitting …
16:20 Ticket #12508 (AGS: Broken dialogue option fonts in Rango) created by GateKeeper-Adventurer
Rango has broken, partially almost unreadable fonts in ScummVM. …
13:05 Ticket #9705 (FULLPIPE: Crash on start (Big Endian)) closed by sev-
fixed: Yay!
12:57 Ticket #12472 (KYRA: Incorrect some sounds in game) closed by athrxx
11:37 Ticket #11927 (MOHAWK: Unknown game variant for Myst) closed by sev-
fixed: Confirmed and added.
09:49 Ticket #12507 (KYRA: Background music suddenly turns off in Legend of Kyrandia 2) created by ctoroman
OS: Windows 10 x64 ScummVM 2.3.0git15849-gac1d5352be (Apr 30 2021 …
06:02 Ticket #12503 (ULTIMA8: Resurrection Book contains Wrong Text) closed by mduggan
03:40 Ticket #12465 (AGS: Crash when exiting Mage's Initiation) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for doing the analysis, and pointing out the possible …
03:40 Ticket #12461 (AGS: "Quit game" not quitting the game in Ancient Aliens - The Roots ...) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the report. It's now fixed.
03:35 Ticket #12497 (PSP: Nightly build does not start on physical PSP-1000) closed by rsn8887
03:35 Ticket #12498 (PSP: Nightly build does not have cursor on PPSSPP emulator) closed by rsn8887
fixed: This should now be fixed with …


13:07 Ticket #12506 (ULTIMA8: Half-hardened lava causes no damage) created by cefotaxime
In the original game, Avatar can only walk on half-hardened lava …
10:41 Ticket #12505 (SCUMM/HE: Blue's Treasure Hunt can be marked as Bugged (Multiple Issues)) created by cheatfreak47
Blue's Treasure Hunt is marked as "Untested" on the compatibility …
07:58 Ticket #12093 (Aerial Servant Spell casting animation not fully enabled) closed by mduggan
fixed: More debugging showed this was *partially* caused by the bug above, …
04:47 Ticket #12502 (Maniac Mansion Deluxe: Lights are permanently on in rooms with light ...) closed by dreammaster
fixed: I've made some fixes, and the darkness now works correctly.
00:41 Ticket #12377 (WME: Issues Starting Wintermute Games) closed by lolbot-iichan
fixed: Should be fixed at dayly builds. Issue with detection was fixed by …


16:35 Ticket #7800 (SCI: Option to use original KQ5 Win mouse pointer icons) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Ten years later... Oh sure, why not? =) Added in: …
14:13 Ticket #10569 (FULLPIPE: Unrecognized version of Full Pipe) closed by sev-
fixed: Thank you, I added the support.
13:57 Ticket #12504 (ULTIMA8: Master Malchir does not drop the book of 'Tongue of Flames') created by cefotaxime
Master Malchir, when defeated, should drop the book of 'Tongue of …
13:46 Ticket #12503 (ULTIMA8: Resurrection Book contains Wrong Text) created by cefotaxime
There is a open book entitled 'resurrection' at the first story of the …
08:08 Ticket #12183 (Ultima VIII - Sorcery reagents of different sizes do not stack) closed by mduggan
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