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SCUMM: Autosave no longer works

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ScummVM 2.3.0git11537-g434d1f37f9 on Windows 10 (64-bit).
(Also happens with ScummVM 2.2.0.)

Autosaving in Scumm games does not seem to work. With the autosave frequency set to 5 minutes, no autosave ever gets created (or, for games for which I had an old autosave from several years ago, the old save never gets replaced).

Extra info:

  • Changing the autosave frequency to 10 minutes makes no difference
  • Saving by hand works fine
  • No error messages are displayed in the console or the log file
  • Games tested: MI1 (ultimate edition), CoMI, FoA CD, Sam & Max CD
  • Other engines I've briefly tested seem to autosave fine: GLK (Transylvania), Myst III, Operation Stealth
  • While autosave also doesn't work in the latest stable version (2.2.0), it DOES work in version 2.1.2.

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