06:49 Ticket #10771 (QFG4: Insect statue's alcove, msg presumes you know Chief) closed by sluicebox
06:49 Ticket #10769 (QFG4: Self-dialogue to Chief, msgs don't reflect monster/man state) closed by sluicebox
wontfix: It's true, as a species, we have the technology.
06:40 Ticket #11302 (King's Quest 7: Checksums for SoftClub version (official Russian CD)) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Presumably trcpman is out enjoying the adventures of Valanice and …
06:39 Ticket #11119 (QFG1VGA: eating the Kobold's mushrooms assumes they're mixed with the ...) closed by sluicebox
wontfix: That's what I thought =)
06:28 Ticket #10759 (QFG4: Misaligned decorative initial letter in 'different interpreter ...) closed by sluicebox
wontfix: This is exactly as it occurs in the original; it's a script bug. Since …


14:00 Ticket #11313 (BACKENDS: Android - Cannot access S9's internal memory) created by resnate
Hi there, opening a ticket here per instructions from GOG forum. I …
13:32 Ticket #7232 (AUDIO: SFX/Music from Amiga files (SCUMM)) closed by athrxx
outdated: Since we now actually have iMuse/Amiga support I close this as outdated.


16:06 Ticket #10388 (SCI: Rama: (French version): assertion failure playing video at the iceport) closed by sluicebox
15:51 Ticket #10221 (SCI: KQ7 v1.4 Bad view priority, Ego behind curtain, Chapter 5) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in 1748825c36724b139aa772dd1ddc366d4408e884


19:55 Ticket #11256 (TOLTECS: RTL not respected) closed by bluegr
fixed: Fixed in db4709510aa13505ff37bd929ba278dbcbc83bbe: …
12:21 Ticket #11309 (KYRA: Kyrandia 2. Some voices issues) closed by athrxx
11:14 Ticket #11312 (KYRA: Kyrandia 3. Some graphics issues) created by ctoroman
Savegames in bugs-kyr3.zip Bug1. You are at the far end of the room …
09:17 Ticket #11311 (Not getting some sound effects with General MIDI (but it's working in ...) created by ZvikaZ
Hi. Tried playing Gabriel Knight (CD/Dos and Windows/English) with …


00:53 Ticket #10429 (SCI: SQ1 VGA Russian crashes on start) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: 172bc97110b25d225401fd6777d8f48fee294600 and …
00:15 Ticket #11310 (ScummVM and Xeen - Talkie Recognition) created by JesseDyer
Version: ScummVM 2.2.0git1884-ga18eae1067 (Jan 10 2020 06:15:22) …


11:52 Ticket #10815 (SCI: Incorrect list of supported games) closed by sluicebox
fixed: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/1210 was merged in November …
07:43 Ticket #11309 (KYRA: Kyrandia 2. Some voices issues) created by ctoroman
Bugs in bugs-kyr2.zip Bug1. Go left. A scarecrow will come running. …
02:11 Ticket #9835 (SCI: DEBUGGER: bpw/bpr not triggered inside kernel calls) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Good idea, this confused me a couple times. Added in: …
02:09 Ticket #9833 (SCI: DEBUGGER: bp_function logging very limited) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: e0a3a387b986ced784b9635244d29b924f830863
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