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#14110 ANDROID: STARK: Actors are missing when using the OpenGL with shaders renderer new defect high Port: Android
#14159 GRIM: MD5 dialog can’t be cancelled new defect high Engine: Grim
#14554 PLUGINS: ELF loader doesn't handle mixed ARM and Thumb code new sev- defect high Ports
#14749 TETRAEDGE: Use BlitImages in the TinyGL renderer new defect high Engine: Tetraedge
#12345 BASE: The detection plugin is almost always loaded in memory new defect normal Common
#12978 KEYMAPPER: Separate the virtual mouse from the global keymap new defect normal Ports
#13585 PLUGINS: ELF memory manager doesn't work with dynamic detection new defect normal Ports
#13745 SCI: Support playing low-resolution SCI32 games on platforms without highres support new defect normal Engine: SCI
#14171 PLUGINS: ELF loader doesn't support multiple segments new defect normal Ports
#14173 SCI: Support Cinepak dithering with QuickTime videos new feature request normal Engine: SCI
#14267 AUDIO: Possible optimisations for the software mixer new feature request normal Audio
#14280 VIDEO: VideoDecoder::loadStream() may delete the stream on failure new defect normal Video
#14557 HYPNO: Screen mode should change when cutscenes are playing new neuromancer defect normal Engine: Hypno
#14558 SCI: Use the SCI32 SOL decoder for SCI 0-1.1 games new defect normal Engine: SCI
#12537 AUDIO: Support hardware OPL on Windows new feature request low Audio
#12674 CGE: Soltys demos are missing new defect low Engine: CGE
#13938 RISCOS: Investigate support for building with EABI toolchains? new feature request low Port: RISC OS
#14160 GRIM: Patched installers are required even with pre-patched installations new defect low Engine: Grim
#14161 ENGINES: Allow running multi-CD games directly from the original discs new feature request low Common
#14441 BACKENDS: Add abstraction for read/write locks new feature request low Ports
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