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SCI: Support playing low-resolution SCI32 games on platforms without highres support

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It appears that certain SCI32 games (such as Gabriel Knight 1) support running in low resolution modes, however the SCI32 subengine is marked as a requiring highres support, which prevents those games from running on systems like the Nintendo DS, which lack highres support.

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comment:1 by sluicebox, 22 months ago

AFAICT it's only three SCI32 games (GK1, PQ4, QFG4) that this applies to. So to me, there's two big questions:

  1. Can the (large) SCI32 engine code be reasonably #ifdef'd to remove all of the high-res code? (I may be wrong there -- maybe that's not even necessary)
  1. What's the UI for "we support SCI32 but not the SCI32 game you tried to load on a Nintendo DS?" -- is there precedent?

And finally, is all of that worth it to run three games on the remaining platforms that can't do hi-res? (using a comically low definition of "hi-res")

My first instinct is that if this introduces any significant SCI code complexity, uh... sorry Nintendo DS. Nobody should be playing PQ4 in the first place. =)

comment:2 by mikrosk, 14 months ago

Nintendo isn't alone in this futile fight. :-) Even if the hires code stayed but there was a config option to force lowres rendering only, it would make a huge difference on the Atari platform (both "freemint" and "atari" backends).

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