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#11486 Ultima 8 mini-map regains fog after it is toggled closed new defect normal
#11487 ULTIMA 6: German patch version is not in German language new defect normal
#11603 ULTIMA 8: bigger view no longer works with transition from Pentagram to ScummVM new defect normal
#11604 ULTIMA 8: scalers do not change the game pixels new mduggan defect normal
#11647 Ultima6: some Nuvie settings do not carry over to ScummVM new defect normal
#11665 Ultima IV: Spell Sounds new defect normal
#11719 Ultima IV: Galloping in Combat new defect normal
#11720 Ultima IV: Fire fields aren't making damage sound new defect normal
#11721 Ultima IV: Galloping horse makes same noise as non-galloping horse new defect normal
#11949 Ultima IV has Missing/incorrect graphics in the main menu new defect normal
#11955 Ultima 8: falling down is not happening new defect normal
#12019 ULTIMA8: Bentic talks to himself during conversation new defect normal
#12092 ULTIMA8: New Journal Interface creates a few issues new defect normal
#12182 ULTIMA8: Trolls do not drop items new defect normal
#12366 segfault during gc in Ultima 6 new defect normal
#12093 Aerial Servant Spell casting animation not fully enabled new defect low
#12098 ULTIMA VIII: Keymapping for left-click does not function with books new defect low
#12183 Ultima VIII - Sorcery reagents of different sizes do not stack new mduggan defect low
#12302 Ultima IV: Moongate remains on screen new defect low
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