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#14633 AGS: In daily 2.8.0 builds many games are unplayable and/or affected by graphical glitches or crashes new fracturehill defect high
#12515 AGS: Mac Steam games by Clifftop Games not detected when user selects .app file new feature request normal
#12925 AGS: Time Gentlemen, Please visual differences with standalone version in early game new defect normal
#12974 AGS: Disable scummvm save/load feature and autosave for Dustbowl new feature request normal
#13187 AGS: Lancelot's Hangover (and others?) - Purple/magenta sprite color appears transparent new defect normal
#13276 AGS: Cannot open files with non-ASCII characters in their name new defect normal
#13480 AGS: Support existing (Spanish) Fan Translations for AGDI (KQ2/KQ3/AlEmmo) and Infamous (SQ2) new feature request normal
#13557 AGS: PS3: Fatal "Unhandled 64-bit pointer result from plugin method call" with some games new defect normal
#13659 AGS: Default "Game language" option in ScummVM does not override .cfg file new defect normal
#13890 AGS: Autosaves are inconsistently named in The Shivah new Thunderforge defect normal
#13941 AGS: Heroine's Quest font rendering issue new defect normal
#14176 AGS: Graphical issue in Unavowed new defect normal
#14609 Build Error surface_neon.o => value '18446744073709551615' is outside the range of underlying type 'uint32' new defect normal
#14639 AGS: MIDI files prefered over music.vox new defect normal
#14730 AGS: Whispers of a Machine crashes on Day 3 new defect normal
#12594 AGS: Heroine's Quest is using strange keyboard layout for Russian language input new defect low
#12604 AGS: Maniac Mansion Mania (MMM) series keyboard shortcuts issues new defect low
#13016 AGS: text appears in german Gemini Rue version that shouldn't be there new defect low
#13412 AGS: Zniw Adventure - Sprites in ScummVM appear less sharp/fuzzier new defect low
#13977 AGS: Saving while a text field is visible can result in the savegame name being typed in-game [original bug] new defect low
#14018 AGS: Blackwell Legacy (old version & demo) issues new defect low
#14258 AGS: Dreams in the Witch House: character briefly appearing after logo new defect low
#14479 AGS: Blackwell1: Wrong voiceover in dog park [original bug] new defect low
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