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#3401 GOB3: Double sprite glitch in the queen level and persisting Spectacles hotspot new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob high
#5724 MD5: MOHAWK: LB - Various missing games (chacksums included) new fuzzie defect Engine: Mohawk high
#9720 WME: The Shine of a Star - Problems at shovel puzzle scene new defect Engine: Wintermute high
#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new defect Engine: ZVision high
#13128 GRIM: Grim Fandango Remastered - Steam MD5 new feature request Engine: Grim high
#13594 CHEWY: Dialog canceled by subtitles pending bluegr defect Engine: Chewy high
#13771 French translation variant for asylum new patch Engine: Asylum high
#13782 MADE: ScummVM closes unexpectedly after playing first audio new defect Engine: MADE high
#13939 MD5: ADL: Unknown game variant for hires2 new defect Engine: ADL high
#14110 ANDROID: STARK: Actors are missing when using the OpenGL with shaders renderer new defect Port: Android high
#14159 GRIM: MD5 dialog can’t be cancelled new defect Engine: Grim high
#14279 MD5: TINSEL: Unknown game variant for tinsel: American Discworld 2 demo new defect Engine: Tinsel high
#14357 TETRAEDGE: Syberia (1/2) crash on startup with OpenGL ES 2 contexts new defect Engine: Tetraedge high
#14401 MD5: MOHAWK: Unknown game variant for mohawk new defect Engine: Mohawk high
#14402 MD5: MOHAWK: Unknown game variant for mohawk new defect Engine: Mohawk high
#14455 GRIM: Cloud syncing wastes FPS due to excessive save game scanning/checking new defect Engine: Grim high
#14462 STARK: Only actors are visible in OpenGL 1.3 rendering mode new dwatteau defect Engine: Stark high
#14497 BACKENDS: PSP: Crash on Start since 2.7.0 new defect Port: PSP high
#14554 PLUGINS: ELF loader doesn't handle mixed ARM and Thumb code new sev- defect Ports high
#14590 Korean translate for sword2 new patch Engine: Sword2 high
#14633 AGS: AVX2 optimizations are not enabled in Win 2.8.0 release builds new fracturehill defect Engine: AGS high
#14645 CGE2: Sfinx crashes when talking to the tailor after the concert new defect Engine: CGE2 high
#14660 MD5: Unknown game variant for buried new defect Engine: Buried high
#14749 TETRAEDGE: Use BlitImages in the TinyGL renderer new defect Engine: Tetraedge high
#14828 HYPNO: Using alternative fire during missile sequences will trigger a large number of video playbacks new neuromancer defect Engine: Hypno high
#14862 SWORD2: Unknown Game Variant pending digitall defect Engine: Sword2 high
#14863 PRIVATE: use original cursors from the exe new neuromancer feature request Engine: Private high
#14886 AGOS: Waxworks crashing at Egypt Level 3, corrupting save file pending athrxx defect Engine: AGOS high
#14964 NANCY: Nancy Drew Haunted Mansion - Force closing new defect Engine: Nancy high
#15043 FREESCAPE: CPC sounds are not implemented new neuromancer defect Engine: Freescape high
#15044 FREESCAPE: C64 releases are not supported new neuromancer defect Engine: Freescape high
#15082 AUDIO: Sound skips/pops/stutters on all ScummVM versions on Windows 10/7 new defect Audio high
#15190 CINE: Operation Stealth demo hangs on the DS new defect Engine: Cine high
#15193 DRASCULA: Crash with the DS port when playing cutscenes new defect Engine: Drascula high
#15197 HUGO: Icon bar gets stuck with the DS port new defect Engine: Hugo high
#15205 GUI: Missing scroll bars for the Mass Add dialog new defect GUI high
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