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#7283 ALL: Favor Adlib over MT32 for SFX tracks new feature request low
#7762 OPL: Real OPL support for AdLib audio new feature request low
#11223 Handle surround sound-encoded OGG and FLAC files more gracefully new feature request normal
#11439 SCI: Add support for Ultimate Kings Quest 4 with Amiga sounds and Munt Support new feature request normal
#11715 AUDIO: Games crash on launch with FluidSynth and no soundfont new defect normal
#12537 AUDIO: Support hardware OPL on Windows new feature request low
#13455 DECODERS: migrate from 'libmad' to 'libmpg123' new feature request normal
#13611 Retrowave is not enabled on 2.6 Windows Build new feature request low
#13843 MI1 EGA: No sound effects when using Roland MT-32 Emulation new defect normal
#13901 SCUMM: [Monkey 1 EGA / CMS audio] CMS music and sound effects dissapear after loading saved game. new defect normal
#13968 AUDIO: Laura Bow 2 ladder sound not playing in 2 of the 3 Adlib emulators new defect normal
#14075 AUDIO: Volume settings are not applied on startup new defect normal
#14267 AUDIO: Possible optimisations for the software mixer new feature request normal
#14675 ALSA MIDI devices only use show/use the first available port new patch normal
#14793 AUDIO: Intro music of DOTT doesn't work anymore on clean config and LINUX+SDL new defect normal
#15055 Flatpak version keeps setting preferred device to FluidSynth new defect normal
#15082 AUDIO: Sound skips/pops/stutters on all ScummVM versions on Windows 10/7 new defect high
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