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AUDIO: Volume settings are not applied on startup

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It seems mixer volumes are not applied on startup, only synced if you go into options in-game.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Global Options -> Volume move all sliders to volume 0
  2. Start a game - sound/music is playing (!)
  3. Ctrl+F5 to bring up menu, then immediately Resume
  4. Game music/sound is silenced as expected

Similar situation after a restart, already having global (or game override, same situation) volumes at 0 - if you start a game, sound/music will still be playing.

I tested using Police Quest 2 (SCI, Steam version) but it seems to affect other engines as well.

Tested on 2.8.0git, but also present in 2.6.1. Windows 10.

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Summary: Volume settings are not applied on startupAUDIO: Volume settings are not applied on startup
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