21:36 Ticket #12978 (KEYMAPPER: Separate the virtual mouse from the global keymap) created by ccawley2011
The actions for the virtual mouse are currently added to the global …
20:28 Ticket #12977 (Engines: Incorrect MetaEngine::getSavegameFile implementations) created by criezy
The default MetaEngine::getSavegameFile one of two schemes: * …
10:29 Ticket #12976 (Unknown game variant for ags "Bruises") created by aculotarpa
The game in 'Bruises' seems to be an unknown game variant. …


20:37 Ticket #12975 (BASE: FSNode or DefaultSaveFileManager should provide an overloadable ...) closed by sev-
wontfix: That is correct, we allow read-only support to the game data for …
19:51 Ticket #12859 (GRIM: Subtitles Unreadable) closed by bluegr
outdated: Thanks for your feedback! Closing as outdated
19:50 Ticket #12860 (GRIM: White artefacts on screen) closed by bluegr
outdated: Thanks for your feedback! Closing as outdated


23:20 Ticket #12971 (AGS: Some typos in detection) closed by criezy
fixed: Replying to tag2015: > for "another... ", it is written in …
10:52 Ticket #12975 (BASE: FSNode or DefaultSaveFileManager should provide an overloadable ...) created by carlo-bramini
While working on my WinCE port of SCUMMVM, I got a problem with the …
10:34 Ticket #12974 (AGS: Disable scummvm save/load feature and autosave for Dustbowl) created by tag2015
The AGS commercial rpg/adventure game "Dustbowl" features a permadeath …
07:01 Ticket #12967 (STARK: Cortez says "no", but subtitles say "si") closed by bluegr
fixed: The PR has been merged. Thanks for your work! Closing


21:41 Ticket #12426 (GRIM: Grim/EMI lost mode switch ability (ALT+ENTER) (SDL1)) closed by raziel-
invalid: As said in #11897 there is no opengl alt+enter switch in SDL1.
21:28 Ticket #11897 (GRIM: Black window/screen on mode switch (ALT+ENTER) (SDL1)) closed by aquadran
invalid: that is correct with SDL1 fullscreen switching for OpenGL is not …
20:55 Ticket #11894 (GRIM: OpenGL renderer doesn't honor stretch mode in fullscreen) closed by aquadran
invalid: Stretch options are not for 3D games. 3D backend doesn't have scalers …
20:35 Ticket #12938 (GRIM: Cutscene subtitles remain after the cutscene has ended) closed by aquadran
fixed: fixed in af2b861a4285088b7bd1d952e99aba896fff99a2 Default option …
20:34 Ticket #12936 (GRIM: Screen goes black while entering save game name) closed by aquadran
12:38 Ticket #12973 (STARK: Dialogue line cut in half, stops reproducing) created by Paolo86cripple
A single April "examine" audio dialogueline is partially muted. …
11:20 Ticket #12972 (AGS: Text outline does not work for accented/special characters) created by tag2015
In some AGS games the texts are shown with an additional black outline …
09:46 Ticket #12971 (AGS: Some typos in detection) created by tag2015
Wrong: Akumayo's AGS Chess 2.75 Right: AGS Chess! …
03:29 Ticket #12914 (AGS: 7 Days A Skeptic - Audio volume issues) closed by dreammaster
outdated: Huh. Seems like it could be an original game bug. I tried dragging the …


22:39 Ticket #12624 (TRECISION: Woman at the liquor store frozen in place instead of ...) closed by bluegr
fixed: Thanks for your feedback! This has been fixed now, hopefully for good …
21:31 Ticket #12874 (INCA 1 Compatibility) closed by bluegr
invalid: Indeed, Inca 1 was not based on the Gob engine and there are no plans …
04:48 Ticket #12933 (AGS: 5 Days a Stranger - Inventory scroll buttons act strangely) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks. With it I was able to identify and fix the problem. Just in …
04:03 Ticket #12438 (AGS: QFG2VGA save preview pictures show background only) closed by dreammaster
00:46 Ticket #12920 (TRECISION: Right-clicking twice on an inventory icon temporarily ...) closed by bluegr
fixed: Fixed with commit 0b6b48b23d1833d679f97fb673c60c294edb7e8d
00:45 Ticket #12902 (TRECISION: Nightlong: Restoring Game using GUI doesn't refresh scene) closed by bluegr
fixed: Fixed with commit afdc5d70f73e398348f7dd9120277d0c1af20e60
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