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GRIM: OpenGL renderer doesn't honor stretch mode in fullscreen

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Cc: Game: Grim Fandango


I usually don't run ScummVM in fullscreen, prefering instead to run it in a window (usually with the "2x" graphics mode). But just in case I've configured Stretch mode to "Fit to window", because as I understand it that should fill the screen as much as possible while still preserving the game's aspect ratio.

This works fine for most games. Actually, it works fine for Grim Fandango as long as I use the TinyGL as my "Game 3D Renderer". But if I use OpenGL - with or without shaders - fullscreen stretches the game to fill the entire screen.

Is there some obvious way to preserve aspect ratio that I've missed?

(This may also affect other 3D games. I haven't tested.)

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