11:15 Ticket #7050 (SCI: PHARKAS Mac showing incorrect cursor) closed by bluegr
06:19 Ticket #11088 (XEEN: Environmental damage overlay on character portraits not removed) created by darkstar
When receiving damage from a lava tile and initiating combat at the …
05:19 Ticket #11087 (XEEN: Elemental resistances not working correctly) closed by dreammaster


21:56 Ticket #11087 (XEEN: Elemental resistances not working correctly) created by darkstar
There seems to be no difference from heat damage from stepping onto …
08:05 Ticket #11086 (SCI: QFG1VGA: Drink water message bug) closed by sluicebox
07:58 Ticket #11086 (SCI: QFG1VGA: Drink water message bug) created by sluicebox
Drinking water in room 87 after talking to the healer about falling …
03:28 Ticket #11066 (XEEN: Limited-use objects (potions etc.) don't work as intended) closed by dreammaster
wontfix: I double-checked, and this is an original game bug due to a poorly …
01:44 Ticket #10255 (SCI: PQ3: Doctor talks too fast) closed by sluicebox
01:00 Ticket #11085 (SCI: KQ6 Mac QuickTime intro movie freezes) created by sluicebox
The introduction movie freezes during scenes in ScummVM. This does not …


23:40 Ticket #10799 (QFG4 floppy: Great hall eavesdropping door actions are all lies) closed by sluicebox
03:28 Ticket #11080 (XEEN: Riddle in Northern Tower (darkside) bugged) closed by dreammaster
02:33 Ticket #11083 (XEEN: Shrine of Fire Resistance not working) closed by dreammaster
01:33 Ticket #11065 (XEEN: Unable to open Sarcophagus in Northen Sphinx) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Seems like this is a known script bug, judging from one of the …


22:29 Ticket #11079 (XEEN: Autosave not working) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Just a heads up that very few engines actually support autosaves; I …
21:49 Ticket #6129 (ANDROID: surface update issues when focus is lost) closed by ccawley2011


11:25 Ticket #11084 (XEEN: Boulders in the desert on Darkside still visible even after they ...) created by darkstar
In Darkside, there is a riddle in the desert with some boulders that …
09:03 Ticket #11083 (XEEN: Shrine of Fire Resistance not working) created by darkstar
The shrine on Clouds, that is supposed to give +50 Fire Resistance, …


20:07 Ticket #11082 (QFG4: exporting the character requires deleting the "a:") created by lwcorp
When the game asks you to export your character it suggests …
14:45 Ticket #10998 (Freddi Fish 1: handle on grandma's door remains there when the door opens) closed by BenCastricum
00:18 Ticket #11081 (SCI: ECO2: Icon bar crashes during tutorial) closed by sluicebox
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