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SCI: KQ6 Mac QuickTime intro movie freezes

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The introduction movie freezes during scenes in ScummVM. This does not occur in the original. The intro movie is the QuickTime file KQ6Movie and plays without freezes in the Mac QuickTime player. Other than the freezes, the movie looks much better in ScummVM.

The freezes appear related to scene boundaries, as the video resumes once the next scene is reached. It feels like the freezes happen relative to the end of a scene, as opposed to a fixed time after the start, but I'm not sure. These scenes are defined and named in the resource fork. (I don't know much about QuickTime)

There is no audio in KQ6Movie, the game plays a separate audio track while the movie runs.

I'm assuming the issue is in the ScummVM QuickTime decoder.

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comment:2 by m-kiewitz, 5 years ago

I don't own this version. Can you please do a bisect?

I think clone2727 implemented Mac support in SCI and it's very unlikely that he would have missed something like this (unless of course he didn't own this game), which is why I think this may be a regression.

Does it freeze for a second? Or do you need to press Esc or something like that for it to continue?

comment:3 by sluicebox, 5 years ago

Version 1.5 is the earliest release that loads KQ6 Mac and it definitely has most of these pauses, maybe all of them, it's hard to say from viewing because it has other playback issues. The Mac video's quality isn't very good to begin with so even with the freezes it looks better overall than it originally did. The text scenes use a morphing effect that's not in the DOS version and reminds me of 1997 Word Art. I can't tell if those scenes are freezing or not since they don't animate during their last few seconds.

This was found by a thorough tester in the discord channel who is running Mac versions and playing them all the way through, I'm so excited!

It's doing the first thing you said, freezing for the last few seconds of scenes and then starting again with the next scene. The final scene ends early instead of freezing. From running it and a Mac side by side I can see that time spent frozen on a frame is the right amount of time. The next scene stays in sync.

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Two years later...

There were two bugs preventing correct playback. A regression introduced three years ago with a buggy workaround, and a QuickTimeDecoder bug that's been there since the beginning.

Fixed in 6e3403464b0bc09e06f94dc17be3f1df1d62b5a2 and dcd537337be8b5e478415e4ce62fdaeba4ae18f5

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