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#11075 BACKENDS: Get rid of the hideous and slow stretch200To240 function for surface SDL backend new feature request normal
#11076 BACKENDS: SDL1/2 - Aspect ratio correction doesn't work in Dreamweb new defect normal
#11860 Add information to the dumped (mostly OpenGL) context new feature request normal
#12475 GFX3D: Aspect ratio of 3D Games is wrong when Aspect Correction is OFF new defect normal
#12846 BACKENDS: Screenshot can contain OSD message from previous screenshot new defect normal
#13073 BACKENDS: SDL: Strange initSizeHint() behavior new defect normal
#13429 OpengGL with Shaders over OGLES2 cause visuall trash when we spawn a GUI of Launcher. new defect normal
#13461 SDL: Stretched in full screen new defect normal
#13464 SDL: In-game menu for 3D games shows no cursor on some systems new defect normal
#13767 GRAPHICS: OpenGL screenshots not capturing latest frame if no input new defect normal
#14348 GFX: Flickering with enabled Gsync/VRR new defect normal
#14445 GRAPHICS: libTAS crashes SCI with fullscreen video new defect normal gsoc
#14519 Lower mouse sensitivity / slower cursor in SDL Wayland mode in Conquests of the Longbow new defect normal
#14952 GRAPHICS: Darker colors/contrast in OpenGL mode new defect normal
#14961 TINYGL: glScissor is not implemented in TinyGL new feature request normal
#15239 GRAPHICS: Support double height resolutions new feature request normal
#15251 Segfault with disable-16bit new defect normal
#15271 TINYGL: glPolygonStipple seems to work when looking at one side only new defect normal
#15272 TINYGL: triangle fan produces less triangles than expected? new defect normal
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