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#5724 LB: Unaccounted for game: arg new fuzzie defect normal 7 years ago
#6266 LB: Extended Characters in Living Books Outline File new fuzzie defect normal 6 years ago
#6380 LB: Bad config file causes engine abort in Sheila Rae French new fuzzie defect normal 5 years ago
#6745 MOHAWK: Two unknown Living Book game variants... pending digitall defect normal 4 years ago
#7066 Error at start of Grandma and Me windows German new defect normal 3 years ago
#7097 MOHAWK: Myst the game runs instead of The Making of Myst movie new bgK defect normal 3 years ago
#7146 MOHAWK: Riven's movies don't quite match the still scenes in terms of color. new defect normal 2 years ago
#7895 Myst ME (Spanish fan made translation) new enhancement normal 2 years ago
#10352 MOHAWK: Riven: Key mapping can't rattle locked gate on exit. new defect normal 11 months ago
#10390 MOHAWK: Riven: Key Mapping new enhancement normal 10 months ago
#10574 MOHAWK: MYST ME: Held pages look off in a few ages new defect normal 4 months ago
#10593 MOHAWK: RIVEN: Riven25 can't view saved games as thumbnail list new defect normal 4 months ago
#10596 Myst: Do not play fullscreen Myst Island flyby new bgK defect normal 4 months ago
#10597 Myst: Black/frozen graphic at the start of Myst flyby animation new defect normal 4 months ago
#10598 Myst and Riven: Space should skip cinematics, not pause new defect normal 4 months ago
#10599 Myst: Fullscreen flyby videos should loop and be clickable new defect normal 4 months ago
#10602 MYST: Opening logos should be played after the menu, not before new enhancement normal 4 months ago
#10611 Making of Myst Video no longer runs pending defect normal 4 months ago
#10705 Unsupported version of Arthur's Birthday (from Living Books) pending digitall defect normal 5 weeks ago
#10728 MOHAWK: MYST: ES: Marker instructions wrong new defect normal 3 weeks ago
#10752 MOHAWK: MYST25: RIVEN25: Our current custom build crashes on resize and alt-tab pending criezy defect normal 4 days ago
#10044 MOHAWK: Riven: Excessive delay before cursor appears after movie ends. new defect low 15 months ago
#10135 MOHAWK: Riven: Graphics glitch after Gehn leaves office. new defect low 14 months ago
#10557 MOHAWK: MYST: Thumbnail has black top and bottom new defect low 5 months ago
#10578 MOHAWK: MYST: Matches and Held pages new defect low 4 months ago
#10715 MOHAWK: RIVEN: “Cannot load font… “ warning message. new defect low 4 weeks ago
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