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#5724 MOHAWK: LB - Unaccounted for game: arg new fuzzie defect normal
#6266 MOHAWK: LB - Extended Characters in Living Books Outline File new fuzzie defect normal
#6380 MOHAWK: LB - Bad config file causes engine abort in Sheila Rae French new fuzzie defect normal
#7146 MOHAWK: Riven's movies don't quite match the still scenes in terms of color. new defect normal
#10574 MOHAWK: MYST ME: Held pages look off in a few ages new defect normal
#10593 MOHAWK: RIVEN: Riven25 can't view saved games as thumbnail list new defect normal
#10596 MOHAWK: Myst ME - Do not play fullscreen Myst Island flyby new bgK defect normal
#10728 MOHAWK: MYST: ES: Marker instructions wrong new defect normal
#11440 MOHAWK: RIVEN: Autosave no longer tests against game state at time of exit call. new defect normal
#11913 MOHAWK: MYST: Include the Rime Age from the PSP port of Myst new feature request normal
#12044 MOHAWK: Myst: Impossible to show the map in the GOG Polish version of Myst new defect normal
#12082 MOHAWK: Looping videos aren't quite seamless in Riven (DVD) new defect normal
#12821 Blue and Red pages dropping whenever mouse clicked in Myst new patch normal
#13647 MOHAWK: Unknown game variant for mohawk - Wanderful Storybook Sampler from Mac App Store new defect normal
#13905 MOHAWK: Little Monster at School errors on page 16 new defect normal
#13919 MOHAWK: LB - Missing shortcuts new defect normal
#13920 MOHAWK: LB - French sheila version not starting new defect normal
#10044 MOHAWK: Riven: Excessive delay before cursor appears after movie ends. new defect low
#10135 MOHAWK: Riven: Graphics glitch after Gehn leaves office. new defect low
#10557 MOHAWK: MYST: Thumbnail has black top and bottom new defect low
#10578 MOHAWK: MYST: Matches and Held pages new defect low
#12597 3DS, MOHAWK: Checkerboard pattern on lower screen in non-video scenes new defect low
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