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Blue and Red pages dropping whenever mouse clicked in Myst

Reported by: B0B0MBBATTLEFIELD64 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Mohawk
Version: Keywords: Dropping Pages without being asked in Myst
Cc: Game: Myst


I have been playing the English Windows 3.1 version of Myst using (as far as I know) the newest version of ScummVM on Windows 8.1. I have it updating to check for new versions daily. I have not been to the Stoneship Age, but the pages in the Mechanical Age, the Channelwood Age, and Atrus' Library all worked. I went to the Stoneship Age about a month ago and at first the pages worked properly. More recently, however, the pages dropped whenever I tried to click anywhere else. I started a new file even more recently and the pages in the library didn't work either. They worked on a Windows 10 computer when I tested them there, although I wouldn't like to play Myst on that particular computer, for various reasons.

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