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#5320 BACKENDS: MacOSX - MT-32 MIDI broken between 1.0 and 1.1 releases new athrxx defect normal
#10371 BACKENDS: MacOSX - System cursor always visible when in fullscreen mode. new defect normal
#10464 BACKENDS: MacOSX - Localised documentation resources are not bundled/used new defect normal
#10691 BACKENDS: MacOSX - sRGB game graphics are overly saturated on Display P3 wide-gamut iMac displays new defect normal
#11203 BACKENDS: MacOSX - 32 bit v2.1.0 release crashes on launch on macOS 10.6. new defect normal
#11374 BACKENDS: MacOSX - sound output does not follow "active output" selected from audio applet new defect normal
#11427 BACKENDS: MACOSX - Multiple games crash or have other errors if the user doesn't allow ScummVM access to the Documents folder new defect normal
#11428 macOS: Change default savegame location for macOS new feature request normal
#12395 BUILDBOT: MAC OS X: 32-bit daily builds crash on macOS 10.6.8. new defect normal
#12793 MACOSX: When switching between windows created with different graphics types, both may be retained as active windows. new defect normal
#13024 MACOS: Can't map Command and Fn keys new defect normal
#13054 MACOS: OPENGLSDL: Maximizing a window doesn’t set SDL_WINDOW_MAXIMIZED flag. new defect normal
#13453 BACKENDS: MACOSX - Entering fullscreen from "maximized" mode leads to crash when running 3D games new defect normal
#13454 BACKENDS: MACOSX - alt-enter fullscreen isn't notch-aware. new defect normal
#14074 MACOS: ScummVM Fails To Start new defect normal
#14262 OSXPPC: ScummVM fails to start without "millions of colors" setting new jamie-marchant defect normal
#14433 MACOS: mouse cursor appearing / failing to capture when in fullscreen mode new defect normal
#15058 BACKENDS: MACOSX - Various shaders not usable on MacOS Ventura new defect normal
#15052 can not compile scummvm source gcc version: 14.0.1 20240326 (experimental) new defect low
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