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macOS: sRGB game graphics are overly saturated on Display P3 wide-gamut iMac displays

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Running ScummVM on an iMac Pro, or any 2015 or later Retina iMac, all ScummVM game graphics (which were designed for sRGB-gamut displays) are overly saturated on the Display P3 wide-gamut displays of these machines.

I have hardware-calibrated my iMac Pro, but colors in ScummVM games are still too saturated (and I have a hardware-calibrated original 2014 sRGB Retina iMac to compare with what the sRGB game graphics should look like). Unfortunately there is no sRGB "emulation" mode on Apple's Retina iMac displays as there is on some professional wide-gamut monitors.

I'm not a programmer, but I watched these two informative presentations by Apple about how macOS is supposed to accurately display sRGB content on Apple's wide-gamut displays, but in order for macOS to do so, content must be appropriately tagged as sRGB.

So, is this something that can be addressed through programming ScummVM? Is there any way ScummVM can somehow "tag" all its game assets as using sRGB in macOS so that colors won't appear so saturated on wide-gamut iMac displays?

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