18:07 Ticket #14482 (TLJ: Texture mods with unusual names not loading) created by gordonfreeman01
The HD Characters mod (https://www.moddb.com/mods/hd-characters) - …
08:55 Ticket #12998 (AGS: Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Remake - Toolbar icons often ...) closed by tag2015
fixed: Closing again (hopefully) as fixed
05:27 Ticket #13720 (WEB: link URLs are garbled in Touche's compatibility page) closed by Thunderforge
fixed: This issue is fixed by …


23:14 Ticket #14481 (Web: Fix wiki statement about not being able to import QFG4 to itself) created by lwcorp
https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Quest_for_Glory_IV states "nor can …
15:02 Ticket #14480 (Unknown game variant for sci) created by cjover-n
The game in 'KQ5\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please report …
05:02 Ticket #14479 (AGS: Blackwell1: Wrong voiceover in dog park [original bug]) created by Thunderforge
In The Blackwell Legacy (blackwell1), interrogating the ghost in …


21:22 Ticket #14413 (RetroWave OPL3 crashes all SCI games) closed by sluicebox
19:34 Ticket #14478 (HDB: crashes out on Servandrones level) created by Ufedhin
Hi! Hyperspace delivery boy crashes out of Scummvm Android v. …


16:53 Ticket #14081 (ITE: Inherit the Earth Amiga version crashing on macOS x64) closed by dwatteau
duplicate: I can reproduce this on Linux, Windows and on OSX PPC -- it's random …
05:21 Ticket #14477 (AGS: No image for Blackwell Legacy saves in ScummVM Launcher) created by Thunderforge
In The Blackwell Legacy (blackwell1), save games do not have an …
05:09 Ticket #14475 (AGS: Flickering at top of screen while moving in Washington Square ...) closed by Thunderforge
fixed: No, the bug does not happen in the 2023-05-22 daily build.
04:38 Ticket #11700 (XEEN: Wrong graphics for hits with elemental weapons) closed by dreammaster
04:36 Ticket #11699 (XEEN: Element Affix distribution) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the PR. Merged in.
03:56 Ticket #14474 (XEEN: deleting all characters in the inn) closed by dreammaster
01:06 Ticket #14476 (ZVISION: ZGI - crashes on Mac OS X PPC at Flood Control Dam #3) created by johnpevensie
ScummVM 2.7.0 I have played Zork: Grand Inquisitor most of the way …


13:09 Ticket #14467 (Sam and Max Hit the Road. Object 0 not found in room 93) closed by AndywinXp
05:54 Ticket #14468 (SCUMM: SAMNMAX: copyRectToSurface() assert triggered in 2.8.0git when ...) closed by AndywinXp
Great, thanks! Yes, the reason why you are not seeing a messed up …
03:48 Ticket #14475 (AGS: Flickering at top of screen while moving in Washington Square ...) created by Thunderforge
In *The Blackwell Legacy* (blackwell1), Washington Square is an area …


10:11 Ticket #14474 (XEEN: deleting all characters in the inn) created by yarolig
Bug looks like this: You start a new game (SSSSSA), go to inn (Left, …
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