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HDB crashes out on Servandrones level

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: HDB
Version: Keywords: HDB crash mid game windows/linux
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Hyperspace delivery boy crashes out of Scummvm Android v. on the Servandrones level when speaking to Dr Popopolis the 6th time (bit before exiting the level). This did not happen on previous versions of Scummvm (not sure of version, but when HDB engine was introduced).
The crash happens on both windows and Linux version. (Testing PPC version now)
I attached windows save file, and Linux save file (not sure which file is the save but gave it a guess)
Thanks very much!

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by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

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by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

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by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

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comment:1 by antoniou79, 2 weeks ago

I wasn't able to reproduce this, when quickly going through the Servandrones, Inc quests up until you're on the space ship ("Back On the Jack"). I tried to exhaust all conversations with Dr Popopolis at each quest start and end too.

I am currently testing on Windows with the latest development build (2.8git) though.

Maybe it's still a case of corrupted sound files?

My game CD version is the Linux one.

I'm attaching my saved game just before talking with Popopolis for the last time.

The saved games you provide are not from ScummVM. Can you provide a ScummVM saved game to reproduce this?

by antoniou79, 2 weeks ago

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comment:2 by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

Thanks for checking this!
You are past the point of this error, I cannot get back on the Jack due to the crash.
I played both the win and Linux version on action, not puzzle, but I'll try with puzzle mode to see if that works.
Sorry, I attached the old saves by mistake previously, but now found where Scummvm puts the save.
I attached the Linux save file now, from this point just talking to Popopolis crashes the game for me.

comment:3 by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

Sorry for delay, I cannot seem to sort out access to the save files (cannot get over the restriction). I will move save folder to an accesible location, and play to the point where it crashes and attach the save file then.
Thanks again!

by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

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comment:4 by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

Couldn't get to it on my phone (not rooted), but found it through cloud access. This is the point where it crashes for me when trying to speak to Popopolis.
Thanks for checking!!

comment:5 by antoniou79, 2 weeks ago

This crash happens on Windows / Linux versions of ScummVM or just Android?

I cannot reproduce it on Windows ScummVM (developer build or stable 2.7.0). Propolis speaks all of his quotes, then the guy speaks as the woman officer moves and then Propolis again. All plays fine.
I'll test on Android next.

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comment:6 by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

I only used the Android Scummvm until now, but as I activated cloud sync I can try the same save on the windows Scummvm. Will probably work, as it worked for you. I'll let you know once I tried it.

comment:7 by antoniou79, 2 weeks ago

Hmm, no luck. Or... I guess luck? My ScummVM on an Android 12 device does not crash at this point either. Are you testing on a higher Android version?

Edit: Also just tested on Android 13 (emulated with Android Studio). Still no crash.

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comment:8 by Ufedhin, 2 weeks ago

I'm on android 11 on asus zenphone z. That might or might not be the reason...
But windows Scummvm worked fine for me too, and I managed to get past the crash point.
In the future I can use the same method through cloud save if there is a crash.
Thanks so much for your help Antoniou79, I'm glad other people want to keep this little game alive too!

comment:9 by PushmePullyu, 7 days ago

Tested on Linux x86_64 with master b6606f33a21c74dbcc3b42ab69b23feb3387052c and the windows version of HDB:
While talking to Dr Popopolis did not trigger a crash for me, it sometimes caused a double-free in Sound::playVoice(). This seems to happen when the game is trying to decode "POP_WAV" as MP3 data. PR that fixes the double-free is here:

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