22:34 Ticket #14447 (Unknown game variant for vcruise (REAH fully voiced german version)) created by indy4fan
The game in '_V-CRUISE-REAH-WIN-DE\' seems to be an unknown game …
22:03 Ticket #14446 (ANDROID: Add Chromecast support) created by MaurizioB
Following the latest update, I was hoping that ScummVM would be …
20:57 Ticket #14444 (Unknown game variant for ags) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you. Detection for all 4 parts of the game have been added (it …
19:21 Ticket #14445 (GRAPHICS: libTAS crashes SCI with fullscreen video) created by darkshoxx
This might be complicated, sorry Sluicebox. We've narrowed it down …
09:47 Ticket #14444 (Unknown game variant for ags) created by Philksi
The game in 'Gobliiins5-Part1' seems to be an unknown game variant. …


20:20 Ticket #12598 (GRIM: Grim Fandango crashes after displaying splash.bm on 3DS) closed by BallM4788
outdated: Closing in favor of ticket:14407
05:53 Ticket #4876 (BACKENDS: iOS - Skip gesture does not work in 'click-and-drag' mode) closed by larsamannen
fixed: This is working regardless of mouse mode in ios7 port. The ESC is …


02:50 Ticket #12838 (DIRECTOR: Box appears where é should be when loading aamn-demo-mac) closed by Thunderforge
fixed: Retested in ScummVM 2.7.0 and it is no longer happening.


13:04 Ticket #14443 (SCUMM: Loom (EGA) - Bobbin (as Bobbin) can enter the Forge gate before ...) created by antoniou79
This is on Windows 10 x64, latest build for 2.8git from master HEAD. …
10:13 Ticket #14330 (TETRAEDGE: No company logos for Syberia II) closed by mduggan
fixed: Thanks for the report, fixed in ad0bf10f280dc800f32b159d29358c6fcd2991ce.
07:36 Ticket #14385 (ULTIMA6: Torches do not illuminate area) closed by bliznik


20:03 Ticket #14442 (GUI: Display Seizure Warning popup for known applicable games) created by BallM4788
Prior to starting up games known to contain epileptic triggers such as …
12:41 Ticket #14373 (AGS: The Cat Lady: Missing ticking sound on intro sequence (clock ...) closed by tag2015
12:12 Ticket #14197 (AGS: Kathy Rain: "Image Editor" issue when using the PC) closed by tag2015
fixed: Image editor fixed in …
11:52 Ticket #14441 (BACKENDS: Add abstraction for read/write locks) created by ccawley2011
SDL3 recently introduced SDL_RWLock for read/write locks. It might be …
11:42 Ticket #14438 (PINK: Crash in Egypt when using the digger on the characters) closed by antoniou79
fixed: This bug should be fixed by the now merged above PR.
11:15 Ticket #14429 (ULTIMA: Crash when starting Ultima 6 with FM-Towns speech) closed by sev-
10:16 Ticket #14364 (GUI: Redraw only widgets which have been changed) closed by mikrosk
fixed: Fixed by …
10:14 Ticket #13869 (PINK: Can't pickup the poker in sir Manley's house) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed in the above mentioned PR
10:13 Ticket #13866 (PINK: German Umlauts not displayed) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed in PR #13865
10:12 Ticket #13865 (PINK: German Umlauts not displayed) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed in PR#13865
10:08 Ticket #13860 (PINK: Animations will freeze after exiting PDA) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed in PR #4941


11:14 Ticket #14440 (Unknown game variant for director) created by Fancy2209
Game Name: Virus Alert Version: 1.01 Archived Official Download: …
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