21:24 Ticket #14081 (ITE: Inherit the Earth Amiga version crashing on macOS x64) created by internetzel
The upcoming 2.7.0 (macosx-x86_64-stable-9ba4a77a) nearly always …
20:45 Ticket #14080 (Unknown game variant for ags) created by Termimad
The game in 'Windows' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
10:04 Ticket #13930 (KQ3 Redux crashes with "Error: SetTextOverlay internal error: ...) closed by tag2015
09:14 Ticket #14079 (Unknown game variant for director) created by KainXVIII
Valmaison au fil des saisons (French language) {"START95.EXE", 0, …


12:27 Ticket #14078 (Wetlands : end of level trigger issue for Zone 3 / Oxygen facility) closed by neuromancer
fixed: Replying to Kalagan74: > Mission objective : destroy 10 …
09:47 Ticket #14078 (Wetlands : end of level trigger issue for Zone 3 / Oxygen facility) created by Kalagan74
Mission objective : destroy 10 "fuse" under 6 minutes to escape the …
08:26 Ticket #14077 (Wetlands : Missing cutscene) closed by neuromancer
05:16 Ticket #14076 (SCI: PQ2: Crash "[VM] Trying to instantiate class 6 by ..." on room change) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Hello! Thanks for reporting this. This bug was fixed several months …


22:53 Ticket #14077 (Wetlands : Missing cutscene) created by Kalagan74
The cutscence in C20\C20O2S.SMK is not playing during walkthrough. To …
20:49 Ticket #14070 (PHANTASMAGORIA: Cutscenes are cut in Italian Version) closed by popovi76
invalid: Yes, you're right... I only messed up the files copying them from the …
15:30 Ticket #14076 (SCI: PQ2: Crash "[VM] Trying to instantiate class 6 by ..." on room change) created by ahnurmi
I have a save game (attached) that's stuck. If I load it and walk up …
12:56 Ticket #6454 (WME: Rosemary - Icons glitch) closed by tag2015
12:51 Ticket #14075 (AUDIO: Volume settings are not applied on startup) created by mausimus
It seems mixer volumes are not applied on startup, only synced if you …
11:38 Ticket #14063 (Unknown game variant for director) closed by tag2015
09:07 Ticket #10587 (BACKENDS: WIN32 - Launching (Myst) via .cmd file with OpenGL and ...) closed by lotharsm
09:06 Ticket #10586 (MOHAWK: MYST: Focus issues with Gamebar enabled on Windows 10) closed by lotharsm


23:29 Ticket #13983 (Scummvm freezes during exiting.) closed by tag2015
outdated: Closing as outdated, please reopen if needed
23:10 Ticket #14007 (SCUMM: Airport music glitches in ZAK) closed by AndywinXp
invalid: The "dancing music" is just a tambourine sound effect played by the …
22:59 Ticket #14009 (SCUMM: Potential script errors at Lou's Loans in ZAK) closed by AndywinXp
invalid: Hmm, this also happens in the original FM-Towns interpreter (as does …
22:52 Ticket #13948 (SCUMM: Small problem with original GUI in German MI1 CD) closed by AndywinXp
22:44 Ticket #14008 (SCUMM: Audio track restarts after leaving bedroom first time in ZAK) closed by AndywinXp
invalid: Just checked on an emulator: this also happens in the original and …
20:15 Ticket #14074 (MACOS: ScummVM Fails To Start) created by battlesg
The recent version of ScummVm does not launch on my MacBook. What am I …
13:13 Ticket #14069 (Cookie's Bustle is not on the list of Director games) closed by tag2015


19:39 Ticket #14073 (FREESCAPE: several types of rendering artifacts are visible) created by neuromancer
When the player is looking at a large exterior area, there are several …
19:18 Ticket #14068 (FREESCAPE: skanners are not implemented in Driller) closed by neuromancer
fixed: Already implemented
16:53 Ticket #14072 (AGS: Crash in "The Excavation of Hob's Barrow" on Giving Fiddle Bow to ...) created by momomomo888
Game: The excavation of Hob's Barrow 1.05 (GOG) SO: MacOSX Ventura …
00:41 Ticket #14071 (The ability to mass remove games) created by Zulthar
I've encountered this problem where as I've deleted games that I'm …
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