21:35 Ticket #13898 (Unknown game variant for ags) created by Termimad
The game in 'Marcy' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
13:31 Ticket #13897 (TINSEL: DW2: Older savegames won't run on ScummVM 2.6.x) created by dwatteau
Two users are reporting save loading problems with (at least) the …
08:54 Ticket #13131 (SCUMM: Add proper detection for German ultimate talkie translation ...) closed by dwatteau
fixed: Thank you! It has been added to our development version, and should be …
01:48 Ticket #13896 (MTROPOLIS - Display issue with Obsidian opening still photos) created by mystrw1
I just set up Obsidian on my Laptop (Win 10, 64 bit) as directed in …


22:04 Ticket #832 (FOA: Invalid actor XXX in o5_getActorRoom()) closed by AndywinXp
20:58 Ticket #13299 (DIRECTOR: Klondike Gold: An Interactive History Unknown Varrient) closed by jamie-marchant
00:04 Ticket #10226 (SCI: Lighthouse: Animation of the robot arm is played twice when ...) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in …
00:03 Ticket #10265 (SCI: Lighthouse: Missing birds when turning right) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in …


20:40 Ticket #13895 (WII: Pointer is missing after opening ScummVM menu) created by Ereina8
Hello. It's my first time using ScummVM on Wii, but it has been …


19:30 Ticket #13894 (AGS: Repeated mouseclicks cause erratic behavior) created by tag2015
This could be related to recent changes in the AGS engine. Using …


22:53 Ticket #13729 (AGS: Text display regression in Whispers of a Machine) closed by criezy
fixed: The upstream fix has now been merged in ScummVM and I confirmed that …
17:02 Ticket #13334 (DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for director for Carmen Sandeigo Math ...) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks for the report! Detection added
16:59 Ticket #13330 (DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for Director - Traitor's Gate) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks for the report! Detection added (for both CD and DVD versions)
16:57 Ticket #13760 (DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for director) closed by tag2015
fixed: Hi, thanks for the report. The detection for Shade Viewer searched for …
06:50 Ticket #13781 (STARK: The Longest Journey crashes with Assertion failed) closed by nix234
fixed: The german version of the game was corrupt. Work's as intended.
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