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GLK: GLULX - Unknown game variants

Reported by: raziel- Owned by: tag2015
Priority: normal Component: Engine: GLK: Glulxe
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Description (last modified by raziel-)

Some more recent additions on

"Ailiphilia - A *GASP* SAGA!", "Ailiphilia"
{ "ailihphilia.gblorb", r4/220228, "d52dd34d4e48692afd7ead53ee30a026", 1317440 }

"And then you come to a house", "Infinite Adventures #1: The Gluttonous Elf"
{ "And_Then_You_Come_to_a_House.gblorb", r1/080126, "27662487116ce47c2b0112faebae1bb6", 1539308 }

"Archaeological Fiction", "Archaeological Fiction"
{ "Archaeological Fiction.gblorb", r2/210618, "7ad460c904ac49f6d0857ea0d10d3f30", 762222472 }
"Archaeological Fiction.gblorb" Fiction.gblorb
CAVE: For some reason the above game is over 760 MB in size!!!
But it runs fine :-)
Probably because the game uses a lot of sounds, since i get
WARNING: Could not find sound xx!
while testing.

"AardVarK Versus the Hype", "AardVarK Versus the Hype"
{ "Aardvark_versus_The_Hype.gblorb", r1/211104, "a5d8109ab52c23b571a069f840b87288", 1289116 }

"Ascension of Limbs", "Ascension of Limbs"
{ "Ascension_of_Limbs.gblorb", "r3/210110",
"19a8d2f1cbd6ef612118941314ede73d", 1355276 }

"Batman 66", "Batman 66"
{ "Batman_66.gblorb", r7/220303, "a692872f5d50d2d78b937c884a9d50b7", 949954 }

"Black Knife London", "Black Knife London"
{ "BlackKnife.ulx", "r1/210620", "077647a5bbec44dc32f663c2f793bf01", 691968 }

"Blue Lacuna", "Blue Lacuna Full Release"
{ "BlueLacuna.gblorb", r4/080126, "8a2cd2e898f7375d39393b56ed64c5dd", 5673294 }

"CosmoServe: An Adventure for the BBS-Enslaved", "CosmoServe"
{ "CosmoServe.gblorb", r1/171005, "a0e995309ba2b1bc0fda138da86ca366", 1798024 }

"Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night! (The Direcors Cut)", "Dynamite Powers Episode 7: Fishing with Dynamite"
{ "Dynamite_Powers.gblorb", "r2/210627", "be66a1e09cb19cff49a2fa115ff4d097", 1836560 }

"Dr Horror's House of Terror", "Dr Horror's House of Terror"
{ "Dr_Horrors_House_of_Terror.gblorb", r1/211121, "f36db5fb5f4249d413b268cb9e20074c", 2914710 }

"Dragon's Pass", "Dragon's Pass"
{ "Dragon's Pass.gblorb", r1/211111, "20511b3e33d0f9a72505e42ce3708b22", 919824 }
"Dragon's Pass.gblorb"

"Fairest", "Fairest"
{ "Fairest.gblorb", "R1/220331", "b39cff09fc0dafe9fc2218224c76d405", 1766826 }

"Flattened London", "Flattened London"
{ "Flattened_London.gblorb", "r8/210106",
"55a9d547c9222483e72e3e76871246cf", 1790262 }

"Ghost", "Ghost"
{ "Ghost.gblorb", "r1/210716",
"8a612292dd5c09cabb64ad0cb41d842b", 794292 }

"Grooverland", "Grooverland"
{ "Grooverland.gblorb", "r4/210806",
"d9438ba0fc0583a30f907b877f068710", 2180180 }

"Hercules!", "Hercules!"
{ "Hercules.gblorb", r1/211121, "8883c8f48d19165bf53d9a4216240f1e", 1426246 }

"Jack", "Jack"
{ "Jack.gblorb", r1/211026, "bebb45d2b6e1757b572ace1859a33a51", 924338 }

"Jadeite for the Queen", "Jadeite for the Queen"
{ "Jadeite_for_the_Queen.gblorb", "r1/201009",
"1aad49311944d4e2e32b07a7d20120ab", 623962 }

"Limen, "Limen"
{ "Limen.gblorb", "r1/210814", "d196f9bb0ea07b178b6b3fb7b5eb8649", 683000 }

"Locked Door X: The Workprint", "Locked Door X"
{ "Locked_Door_X-The_Workprint.gblorb", r1/220202, "10002a1896d514b08416cffbf673f8c1", 989882 }

"Locked Door XI: The US Theatrical Cut", "Locked Door XI: The US Theatrical Cut"
{ "Locked_Door_XI-The_US_Theatrical_Cut.gblorb", r1/220214, "d96f42aec8da45f0c194a28ce3c1892e", 1019760 }

"One Fish Two Fish", "One Fish Two Fish"
{ "One_Fish_Two_Fish_Red_Fish.gblorb", r1/211025, "121e6cd8d048525f9a67ad7b127fd3bc", 906032 }

"Return to the Stars", "Return to the Stars"
{ "Return_to_the_Stars.gblorb", r3/211226, "c95cd6045069fd91e0114dc10e8d19de", 1186674 }

"Sage Sanctum Scramble", "Sage Sanctum Scramble"
{ "sanctum.ulx", "r2/201205",
"15830904ce96b418e949f0e3b9318dec", 877568 }

"Seeds Cafe", "Seeds Cafe"
{ "Seeds_Cafe.gblorb", "r1/210106",
"3014cd94a6505def8f3e1754b73d22f2", 652732 }

"Skies Above", "Skies Above"
{ "SkiesAbove.gblorb", r1/191120, "d2f2071d0432a657ddff53bd1a38370c", 1159352 }

"Sting", "Sting"
{ "Sting.gblorb", r2/211211, "8e17a75bfadf744e64a06534d1fe4d83", 1152828 }

"The Big Fall", "The Big Fall"
{ "The Big Fall.gblorb", "r2/210711",
"dad981d1fde0f573fd7c4b4d2652ca69", 1389634 }
"The Big Fall.gblorb"

"The Children of Loblolly Lodge", "The Children of Loblolly Lodge"
{ "TheChildrenOfLoblollyLodge.gblorb", r1/220117, "1e2ebaa7bc46054d38eed6283ce71517", 824276 }

"The Crew", "The Crew"
{ "The_Crew.gblorb", r6/211102, "b30f0d790b8dd11e9f16fbbe34a56cb3", 919628 }

"The Eleusinian Miseries", "The Eleusinian Miseries"
{ "The_Eleusinian_Miseries.gblorb", "r3/201227",
"325f0aad5ff624c7d4e9df5e8af39ce6", 2312476 }

"The Exigent Season", "Exigent Season"
{ "The_Exigent_Seasons.gblorb", "r1/210827",
"959b453f617f5de41f5265226912236c", 1612108 }
"The Exigent Season"

"The Lonely Troll", "The Lonely Troll"
{ "The_Lonely_Troll.gblorb", "R1/220501", "05b1503fa7d757ec8417a777afa9a86e", 2334570 }

"The Lookout", "The Lookout"
{ "The_Lookout.gblorb", r8/211114, "b40a96283a8d12b16243cadbf506f691", 745114 }

"The Lost Mountain", "The Lost Mountain"
{ "The_Lost_Mountain.gblorb", "r1/210228",
"47ca99926b9b15ed327f07b22277d445", 1350882 }

"The Making of Me", "The Making of Me"
{ "The_Making_of_Me.gblorb", r1/220209, "96f4346cdf887a6ced4026e13ecc64ea", 2082406 }

"The Red Room", "The Red Room"
{ "The_Red_Room.gblorb", "R1/220404", "aa04c9f178abd8261fbfe8a4f4f3740a", 617372 }

"The Song of the Mockingbird", "The Song of the Mockingbird"
{ "The_Song_of_the_Mockingbird.gblorb", "R2/220422", "1f0fe56c7c8bb1f87723493b60fa84a6", 1447318 }

"The Time Machine", "The Time Machine"
{ "The_Time_Machine.gblorb", "r3/210627",
"92409db44e62a5d91ee6a0f0767294c7", 1150004 }

"Time Capsule", "Time Capsule"
{ "Time_Capsule.ulx", "r1/201005",
"0d570e4c2cd8383fa45c99d000a40c2c", 613632 }

"Vain Empires", "Vain Empires"
{ "Vain_Empires.gblorb", "r2/210223",
"adab9cfa61fbeb284fdeb6779f014028", 3920070 }

"Vampire Ltd", "Vampire Ltd"
{ "Vampire_Ltd.gblorb", "r4/210129",
"8a879f2a2757822b03c3d91a3289a6d5", 889540 }

"What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed", "What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed"
{ "What_Heart_Heard_of_Ghost_Guessed.gblorb", r1/211117, "7b2920b6c3222e184037e2d1fdc166e8", 1368358}

"Your Death, in four acts", "Your Death, in four acts"
{ "Your_Death_in_four_acts.gblorb", r1/211123, "eadf48993ab9e2e8d841f60cef89d22d", 840054 }


"Jaeger der heiligen Steine", "Jaeger der heiligen Steine"
{ "Jaeger der heiligen Steine.gblorb", "r1/210701",
"4958d690aae92343b2cf4117fb65acd2", 1441682 }
"Jaeger der heiligen Steine.gblorb"


"All Things Devours (Rus)", "All Things Devours (Rus)"
{ "devoursR.ulx", r3/050325, "65a51e53c1498823024dcec286971f19", 365312 }
(There are two release/serial pairs in the game, i can't read russian, so don't know which one is referring to the game's version. The second pair is r2/220224.)

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comment:14 by tag2015, 17 months ago

Thanks for reporting these!

All these games have been added in commit b467495

I plan on adding some older versions and cleaning up a bit in general,
however you can keep this bugreport open if you want to add something else :)

comment:15 by raziel-, 17 months ago

I could also simply open new ticket for new games?
Don't know if it would get messy adding new games to the list?

Or maybe adding new games just as a comment?

Whatever suits you :-)

comment:16 by raziel-, 16 months ago

"The Making of ACMJ Game", "The Making of ACMJ Game"
{ "The Making of ACMJ Game.gblorb", r1/220607, "581a2d9a0df17a2852cf28a14bd78a46", 602220 }
"The Making of ACMJ Game.gblorb"

"Gaia-Web Chapter 12: The Silence of the Thunder", "Gaia-Web 12"
{ "Gaia-Web.gblorb", r1/160104, "876c8ad8648b4035db67d09f38e9f4d4", 2458080 }

not sure about the title, i didn't find the other 11 chapters, but maybe they were named in another way. In-game it says "Chapter 12: The Silence of the Thunder"

"Hinterlands: Marooned", "Hinterlands: Marooned"
{ "Hinterlands-Marooned.gblorb", r1/220611, "db487dd770829aa94447eadfe3f260c6", 860582 }

"Improv-Origins", "Improv-Origins"
{ "Improv-Origins.gblorb", r2/220810, "d734064ca6f678017db416820eee43dc", 1006110 }

"Of their Shadows deep", "Of their Shadows deep"
{ "Of_Their_Shadows_Deep.gblorb", r1/220630, "4d0b65a40f50e1d04bfc5bdef31b5aa6", 1307402 }

comment:17 by raziel-, 15 months ago

"A Pumpkin", "A Pumpkin"
{ "A_Pumpkin.gblorb", r6/221103, "121643ae56df322d6c7f1d7ca53cdecb", 673554 }

"Nowheresville", "Nowheresville"
{ "Nowheresville.gblorb", r1/221030, "86ecbe2738622a5a162a68704a4a3977", 1471426 }

"The Spectators", "The Spectators"
{ "The_Spectators.gblorb", r1/221107, "d58bafa06a075bb32632746c87c5147c", 1568488 }

"This Old Haunted House", "This Old Haunted House"
{ "This_Old_Haunted_House.gblorb", r1/221030, "bec430e7aad958baac37ba72b5a81c82", 849262 }

comment:18 by tag2015, 15 months ago

Thanks for these!
Added in commit d62ad5f
Closing this report as it's getting too big... please open a new one as needed :)

comment:19 by tag2015, 15 months ago

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