15:11 Ticket #13844 (GRIFFON: Game hangs on a black screen on PSP) created by dwatteau
This has been reported by user NiccaTales on the forums: …


19:39 Ticket #13732 (SCUMM: MI2 - Guybrush standing next to Elaine at hole) closed by athrxx
wontfix: Since we're not going to "fix" this "issue" I close this ticket…
07:16 Ticket #12610 (SCI: PHARKAS demo, hanging MIDI notes) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed by our hero athrxx in …
06:34 Ticket #13817 (SCI: King's Quest 7 - Chapter 3 Lockup) closed by sluicebox
worksforme: Looking at the attached log files, I can see that this is version …


23:25 Ticket #13831 (SCI: Fix Detector To Not Flag Shivers 2, Betrayal at Krondar and ...) closed by sluicebox
invalid: Closing as invalid since this is a story of adding an unsupported game …
20:02 Ticket #13341 (DIRECTOR: Star Trek Omnipedia Crashes to Debug prompt) closed by rvanlaar
06:30 Ticket #13794 (Space Quest 1 SCI Amiga Version) closed by sluicebox
invalid: Since we haven't heard back and we know that this game works with …
06:20 Ticket #13823 (SCI: QfG4 - Throwing daggers/rocks at the castle gate loses 2 ...) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: …


21:20 Ticket #13843 (MI1 EGA: No sound effects when using Roland MT-32 Emulation) created by JohnnyWalkerDesign
ScummVM: v2.6.0 Game: Secret of Monkey Island EGA This defect is most …


12:27 Ticket #13790 (Ghost In The Sheets game crashed) closed by DavidAriyan
fixed: Thank you for @tag2015 from Dischord for helped me with this game to …
06:59 Ticket #13842 (ENGINES: AUTOSAVE: Fix identification of autosaves by isAutosave() ...) created by macca8
As a guide, any test method for identifying the autosave file needs to …
06:35 Ticket #13841 (ENGINES: AUTOSAVE: Setting a file's _saveType value by where it’s ...) created by macca8
The golden rule of autosaving is that an autosave should NEVER …
05:52 Ticket #13840 (GameID's should be unique per game version + color bitness) created by n1ckn4m3
Right now cloud saving has a potential data sync issue due to how …


17:10 Ticket #6571 (WME: Rosemary - Flickering images) closed by raziel-
outdated: Doesn't occur anymore, thanks a lot
17:09 Ticket #6573 (WME: Rosemary - Font error) closed by raziel-
outdated: Fixed in the meantime, thanks a lot
11:33 Ticket #6613 (WME: Vsevolod (DEMO) - Assertion on taking the dagger) closed by raziel-
outdated: Doesn't happen anymore, thanks a lot
11:32 Ticket #6612 (WME: Vsevolod (DEMO) - Crash in Intro) closed by raziel-
outdated: Doesn't happen anymore, thanks a lot
03:49 Ticket #13839 (TOLTECS: Possible Unknown Variant of 3 Skulls of the Toltecs (CD DOS)) created by tomaszhinz
The game in '3 Skulls of the Toltecs (CD DOS)\' seems to be an unknown …
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