18:35 Ticket #13795 (SCI: Sound volume not synced in fan games) created by CortexReaver
Full loudness, changing volume via windows mixer only. Global nor game …
17:25 Ticket #13794 (Space Quest 1 SCI Amiga Version) created by ns394
The game loads, the screen remains black (maximum blue contours …
08:18 Ticket #13786 (ASYLUM: Unknown game variant for asylum) closed by alxpnv
fixed: Thanks for the report


18:55 Ticket #13587 (HYPNO: The game save is not loaded in the correct save position.) closed by neuromancer
fixed: This should be fixed as much as possible already.
16:56 Ticket #13793 (STARK: Background image overlapping text and icons) created by Alien-Grey
When you need to talk to the giant the background image seems to …
16:29 Ticket #13792 (DIRECTOR WARNING: DirectorSound::playCastMember: no audio data ...) created by jamie-marchant
Sound is missing in "Leonardo The Inventor"(Mac) and they is a …
14:47 Ticket #13743 (TOON: Toonstruck music not playing 2.6.0) closed by antoniou79
13:40 Ticket #13470 (COMMON: Data format issues when reading and writing doubles from file ...) closed by ccawley2011
13:37 Ticket #13152 (MYST3: Mouse movements are limited to rectangle in full screen mode ...) closed by ccawley2011
13:17 Ticket #13770 (AGS: Resonance Null pointer referenced! on first screen on 2.6.0) closed by TiCoKH
11:28 Ticket #13791 (GUI: Rounded corners not properly implemented on a full square icon in ...) created by DavidAriyan
There's been discussion about this on the discord and i decided to …
05:34 Ticket #13790 (Ghost In The Sheets game crashed) created by DavidAriyan
Game crashing immediately after click the game in the game list/GUI. …


23:52 Ticket #13761 (SCUMM: SAMNMAX: Can't shoot names during the credits) closed by athrxx
fixed: Thanks for the report. I have made a fix. Enjoy... :-)
18:31 Ticket #13787 (Graphical glitches with 3D Software Renderer) closed by aquadran
wontfix: this is tinygl issue, not game renderer.
18:30 Ticket #13783 (BASE/GFX: VSYNC setting doesn't works for GRIM engine and FPS always ...) closed by aquadran
wontfix: this is not a bug
14:08 Ticket #13789 (Unknown game variant for ags) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you. Detection has been added.
02:55 Ticket #13789 (Unknown game variant for ags) created by DavidAriyan
The game in 'The Oven' seems to be an unknown game variant. I got …


15:52 Ticket #13788 (Nextcloud implementation) created by FeRChImoNdE
I saw another ticket from a year ago (more or less) and glad to know …
11:45 Ticket #13787 (Graphical glitches with 3D Software Renderer) created by Alien-Grey
Graphical glitches with The Longest Journey using ScummVM 2.6.0 and …
08:59 Ticket #13786 (ASYLUM: Unknown game variant for asylum) created by Urthaug78
The game in 'Sanitarium (CD, Italian)' seems to be an unknown game …


15:09 Ticket #12085 (TWINE: depth sorting issue for doors) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: c39ea9499bdc600aba16f81898fc298d0eec72f6 fixed the issue
07:40 Ticket #13679 (TWINE: music pauses when entering the behaviour mode menu (so it also ...) closed by mgerhardy
04:34 Ticket #13785 (REMORSE: mouse rotation doesn't work) created by roberttryton
rotating character left and right with a mouse doesn't work


15:42 Ticket #13784 (GRIM: Run-Time Check Failure #3) created by henke37
In debug builds with MSVC, each time (and frame!) I press a key I get …
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