21:42 Ticket #12029 (SCUMM: COMI: Rottingham ship in the first cutscene of Part 3 goes the ...) closed by AndywinXp
21:42 Ticket #12030 (SCUMM: FT: softlock when fast-exiting room before scripted cutscene) closed by AndywinXp
19:55 Ticket #12770 (Blackwell Deception freezes after end of prologue sequence (AGS)) created by Paolo86cripple
Blackwell deception freezes after the end of prologue. The engine does …
18:07 Ticket #12055 (BACKENDS: SDL - strange code in sdl-events.cpp) closed by ccawley2011
fixed: This was fixed in https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/2937.
16:39 Ticket #12344 (DS: Flickering graphics when the talk position changes) closed by ccawley2011
16:38 Ticket #12343 (DS: Hangs in audio heavy sections) closed by ccawley2011
fixed: This was fixed in https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/3069.
09:50 Ticket #12769 (Gemini Rue (AGS) fails to start with runtime error) created by Paolo86cripple
When launching gemini rue, it crashes at startup with the following …


21:44 Ticket #12768 (GUI: Inconsistent default scaler behaviour) created by sev-
ScummVM behaves differently when a highres game is launched from the …
15:01 Ticket #12767 (AGS: Blackwell Convergence: Gothic Bridge BGM does not start) created by Paolo86cripple
Whenever you reach the Gothic Bridge, the location background music …
08:35 Ticket #12765 (GUI breaks after dismissing Add Game dialog in Hebrew) closed by SupSuper
01:52 Ticket #12766 (SKY: Savegame 0 produces write permission error on Android) created by puetsch
On Android, I'm getting "Failed to save game (Write permission …


19:04 Ticket #12765 (GUI breaks after dismissing Add Game dialog in Hebrew) created by sluicebox
The GUI enters a broken state where buttons can't be clicked and the …


23:21 Ticket #12764 (AGS: Lamplight City - pencil and calender puzzle apparently does not work.) created by Sslaxx
Lamplight City version 1.12 (last version on Steam), on Linux. ScummVM …
22:19 Ticket #12762 (STARK: The Steam Version of The Longest Journey crashes) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you for your report. The issue has now been fixed (in …
21:57 Ticket #12763 (Can't logout) created by toby63
When I click on "Logout" it says: […] I use Firefox on Arch Linux …
21:25 Ticket #12762 (STARK: The Steam Version of The Longest Journey crashes) created by toby63
scummvm -v: […] commit: f0fd086948 OS: Arch Linux Graphics …
19:49 Ticket #12761 (PRIVATE: Cinematics in Private Eye are too slow) created by neuromancer
Reported in the Discord. * ScummVm version : …


22:06 Ticket #12760 (BACKENDS: 3DS: Significant regression // All games broken) created by MarioKartFan
Latest nightlies no longer work on the 3DS. It returns an ERROR on …
11:08 Ticket #12754 (REMORSE: Add variant (DOS/French)) closed by mduggan
fixed: The video background should now also be fixed in …
07:49 Ticket #12743 (ZVISION: Zork Grand Inquisitor crashes at launch on linux with ...) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: It would happen if you didn't provide any path, i.e. had it …


18:47 Ticket #12739 (AGS: Segfault on Urban Witch Story) closed by dreammaster
fixed: I also fixed the writing of unitialized palette data in the savegame files.
05:09 Ticket #12756 (The Shivah crashes at launch with segfault (AGS)) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the report. I've properly implemented the plugin (though …
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