12:04 Ticket #11236 (ILLUSIONS: Endianness issue in text handling) closed by raziel-
12:02 Ticket #11528 (ILLUSIONS: Duckman - Crash after option menu "times out") closed by raziel-
fixed: @dwatteau You may close tickets too :-)


19:20 Ticket #12628 (TRECISION: Visual glitches with fire in zoo) closed by bluegr
fixed: Thanks for reporting this! That is an animated background that seems …
17:07 Ticket #12738 (Strangeland (AGS) fails to start) closed by criezy
duplicate: Thank you for the report. This is a duplicate of ticket #12729 though, …
15:35 Ticket #12738 (Strangeland (AGS) fails to start) created by Paolo86cripple
Strangeland fails to initialize after it is properly detected. …
13:16 Ticket #12737 (GUI: SIGSEGV when running ./scummvm with disabled translations on macOS) created by dwatteau
This is on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (with a Retina screen). Building from …
07:49 Ticket #12736 (ScummVM Snapshot for Windows won't install on Windows XP) created by fedor4ever
When run windows says that app not Win32 app. Download today.
06:37 Ticket #12348 (PRIVATE: Game timer runs too fast before police arrive) closed by neuromancer
fixed: Thanks for checking the new code. Let's close this.


18:22 Ticket #12733 (Queryable API for n games supported?) closed by digitall
12:41 Ticket #12735 (SCUMM: Autosaving won't overwrite old autosaves) created by eriktorbjorn
I just noticed that the SCUMM engine won't overwrite old autosaves. I …
08:32 Ticket #12734 (SCUMM: Missing sentence when Rapp gives the map piece) created by dwatteau
(This was discovered by Threepwang.) How to reproduce: 1. Start any …
07:04 Ticket #12732 (Typo at github README.md) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: Should be fixed now. Thanks!
03:15 Ticket #12731 (AGS: Crash when starting Trilby's Note) closed by dreammaster
02:54 Ticket #12730 (AGS: Crash when starting Kathy Rain) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Tracked down the problem. The set_uformat needed to be implemented to …
01:16 Ticket #12733 (Queryable API for n games supported?) created by rubyFeedback
Hey scummvm folks, Not sure if this is useful or not, but I am …
01:13 Ticket #12732 (Typo at github README.md) created by rubyFeedback
Small typo at the github README.md: "To report a bug, go to the …


13:51 Ticket #12731 (AGS: Crash when starting Trilby's Note) created by criezy
When starting Trilby's Note I get the following error: […] In the …
13:43 Ticket #12730 (AGS: Crash when starting Kathy Rain) created by criezy
When starting Kathy Rain I get a crash with a buffer overflow: […] …
13:15 Ticket #12729 (AGS: Crash when starting Strangeland) created by criezy
When starting Strangeland I get the following error: […] This is …
11:12 Ticket #12728 (SYMBIAN: scummvm.exe crashes.) created by fedor4ever
I build and run sucesfully scummvm.exe without any engines prior …


22:11 Ticket #12545 ([AGS] The letter ß does not appear in the german version of Gemini Rue) closed by dreammaster
duplicate: Closing this as a duplicate of #12415
21:51 Ticket #12258 (AGS: Buffer overflow in AdLib driver at the start of Black Cauldron) closed by dreammaster
worksforme: I've done multiple tests recently, and not been able to replicate any …
21:47 Ticket #12527 (AGS: Shardlight character audio overlapping) closed by dreammaster
fixed: It's now fixed. It required an implementation for getting the length …
17:19 Ticket #12091 (Numbers not showing correctly in GUI) closed by LukasThyWalls
fixed: With the new theme engine with high resolution, this isn't an issue …
04:21 Ticket #12723 (AGS: Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots - Crash ...) closed by dreammaster
outdated: I presume that this was using an old savegame rather than starting …
03:24 Ticket #12724 (AGS: Segfault when closing during intro of My Burden to Keep) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the repoort. It's now fixed.


23:51 Ticket #12727 (ANDROID: Allow Save location in SDcard (Write permission on SD)) created by LukasThyWalls
Hello. I'm testing ScummVM 2.3.0git20431-g032f9e3857 Android. It's …
21:49 Ticket #12726 (Commit 005561d3053d6ffc3d54a0a741e6a9594338867d break symbian port) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Apologies for that. It should now be fixed.
21:37 Tickets #12427,​12606 batch updated by dreammaster
fixed: The cursor erasure was fixed upstream and is now been merged in
20:16 Ticket #12726 (Commit 005561d3053d6ffc3d54a0a741e6a9594338867d break symbian port) created by fedor4ever
I beggin you to use to refactor IDE features with prewiew. I was very …
07:07 Ticket #12715 (DREAMWEB: Unknown floppy game variant) closed by bluegr
wontfix: Thanks for reporting this. Yes, the executable has been added to the …
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