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#13594 CHEWY: Dialog canceled by subtitles bluegr defect high Engine: Chewy
#14362 SWORD1: Missing detection entry (unknown french version) lotharsm defect high Engine: Sword1
#4494 SCUMM: Indy3 (MAC) - Music Does Not Play When Loading Games athrxx defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#7564 FOTAQ code modifications (mostly for greek translation) sev- feature request normal Engine: Queen
#10427 BACKENDS: Android - SCUMMVM 2.0 systematical crash on SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A with LUCASARTS games lephilousophe defect normal Port: Android
#11367 WEB: I18N and punctuation improvements IlDucci feature request normal Web
#11479 NEVERHOOD: Game crashes at certain scene sev- defect normal Engine: Neverhood
#12074 TWINE: rendering of the holomap is broken mgerhardy defect normal Engine: TwinE
#12532 PORTS: ANDROID: Mouse Cursor Snaps to Top Left Corner on Android 8.1.0 Device lephilousophe defect normal Port: Android
#12550 SCUMM/HE: Bad ID 69696869 Error in Backyard Baseball 2001/3 sev- defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#12975 BASE: FSNode or DefaultSaveFileManager should provide an overloadable remove file method. criezy defect normal Common
#13137 AGI: LSL1 - Stealing from the shop should get Larry killed but it doesn't digitall defect normal Engine: AGI
#13145 ASYLUM: Corrupted magnifying glass alxpnv defect normal Engine: Asylum
#13366 SCUMM: Loom (EGA) - Path finding or overlay issue at Dragon's caves athrxx defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#13768 STARK: TLJ no longer uses correct aspect ratio (stretched, widescreen bug/regression) ccawley2011 defect normal Engine: Stark
#13942 FREESCAPE: Add "Virtual Worlds" Atari ST support neuromancer feature request normal Engine: Freescape
#13954 FREESCAPE: certain UI elements are not implemented yet in Driller neuromancer defect normal Engine: Freescape
#13956 FREESCAPE: intro title sequences are not completely implemented in Driller neuromancer defect normal Engine: Freescape
#13957 FREESCAPE: Demo mode does not match the original implementation in Driller neuromancer defect normal Engine: Freescape
#14472 NANCY: SCK - Wrong colors on BE target fracturehill defect normal Engine: Nancy
#14478 HDB crashes out on Servandrones level Ufedhin defect normal Engine: HDB
#14574 GOB: Excessive blitting drags performance down sdelamarre defect normal Engine: Gob
#14610 SHERLOCK: ROSETATTOO: Crash when clicking during flashback scene at Cleopatra's Needle PushmePullyu defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#14616 SCUMM: FT: Crash with Assertion Fail when riding the bike for the first time AndywinXp defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#12062 PETKA: Wrong fonts in subtitles/inventory whiterandrek defect low Engine: Petka
#14009 SCUMM: Potential script errors at Lou's Loans in ZAK dwatteau feature request low Engine: SCUMM
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