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#11506 Unknown game variant for EOB Spanish lotharsm enhancement normal Engine: Kyra 8 weeks ago
#11394 Unknown game variant for AGOS - Simon the Sorceror 2 - GOG Edition lotharsm enhancement normal Engine: AGOS 5 months ago
#11149 BACKENDS: Android - Blade Runner Engine crash (SDL) antoniou79 defect high Engine: Bladerunner 11 months ago
#10708 Unknown game variant: Danish Pink Panther: Passport to Peril localisation whiterandrek enhancement normal Engine: Pink 23 months ago
#10663 GROOVIE: T7G: Cannot finish game digitall defect normal Engine: Groovie 2 years ago
#10610 BACKENDS: Linux - Mismatch with libcurl3 from buildbot setup and libcurl4 from Debian/sid windlepoons defect low Port: Linux 2 years ago
#10299 BACKENDS: Retropie: SDL Cursor flashes in corner digitall defect normal Ports 3 years ago
#10045 LAUNCHER: Record / Playback crashes the app defect normal --Other-- 3 years ago
#9815 SCUMM: Backyard Baseball 2001 crashing defect normal Engine: SCUMM 3 years ago
#9755 Mention snap in install instructions Mataniko enhancement normal Web 3 years ago
#9549 SCUMM: Game looking for DAT rather than DXA digitall defect normal Engine: SCUMM 4 years ago
#7152 BACKENDS: Win32 - Strange Mouse Cursor Bug digitall defect normal Port: Win32 4 years ago
#7138 MADE: RTZ - Sound issue (wind fx at 1st location broken) for any newer ScummVM than git1668-g365f06d defect normal Engine: MADE 4 years ago
#7837 iPad Landscape Rotation Lock Problem digitall enhancement normal Port: iOS 9 years ago
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