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#1946 SCUMM: Adlib Emulation doesn't Respect Volume Settings new audio, reproducible, AdLib defect low
#10309 SHERLOCK: MIDI - Broken (in-program) sound driver handling new audio defect normal
#10348 SHERLOCK: Music setting by in-game option is not respected new audio defect normal
#10630 SCUMM: BB2003 - won't play some sounds new Sound, Audio, Backyard, Baseball defect normal
#11181 ZVISION Audio is clipping new zork zvision audio clipping defect normal
#11354 SCI: CASTLEBRAIN - Stereo audio flipped in hourglass puzzle new stereo audio hourglasses defect normal
#11405 BACKENDS: RPi 3/4 - PulseAudio hoarse sound on any game new audio defect normal
#11683 SCI: QFG2 - Heavy reverb from city street sounds continues to incorrectly affect other game sounds and music when using MT32 emulator new music, reverb, audio, mt32 emulator defect normal
#11901 SYMBIAN: Add the support to control the volume directly from the device. new add, audio, controls, implement, symbian feature request normal
#12857 SAGA: IHNM: Fatal "Missing AdLib SAMPLE files" error with default settings new audio,adlib,adlib sample,default audio defect normal
#12973 STARK: Dialogue line cut in half, stops reproducing new gribbler, dialogue stops, audio issue defect low
#12075 PETKA: Audio desync in cutscenes pending audio, desync whiterandrek defect normal
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