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SCUMM: Inconsistent Audio setting between in-game GMM menu and launcher's Game Options

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
Version: Keywords: audio, speech, subtitles, text
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This was tested with a recent development build of ScummVM from master HEAD (2.8git) on Windows 10 x64 and Android 12.

Games used for testing was The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Launch SFcummVM and go to Global Options -> Audio (Tab) and make sure that the radio button for "Text and Speech" is set to "Both".
  • Add a SCUMM game (anew) like The Dig or The Curse of Monkey Island, and also make sure that the Audio tab for it is *not* set to "Override Global Audio Settings". This is the default behavior so nothing really has to be done other than checking just in case.
  • Launch the game and reach gameplay (skip the intro cutscenes) and verify that indeed there's audio and speech playing and showing as expected.
  • Use Ctrl+F5 (or the equivalent for the testing backend) to bring up the in-game ScummVM GMM. Click on "Options" and check that the Audio tab shows "Both" as selected.
  • Exit the game and from the ScummVM launcher, with this game selected, go to "Game Options..." -> "Audio" Tab


  • The checkbox for "Override global audio settings" is not checked, and most importantly the "Text and speech" setting is set to "Speech"

Expected behavior:

  • The "Text and speech" setting in that ScummVM Launcher view (via Game Options > Audio (Tab)) should also be set to "Both".

I am unsure if the "override global audio settings" should remain unchecked too; I believe that one is indeed intended, and I've seen it happen in other engines.

Note that despite this inconsistency, the behavior in-game is consistent with what the user would expect based on the settings shown in the classic game menu or the ScummVM in-game menu.

But, I have not checked much for side-effects that could result from this inconsistency, if any.

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