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#11981 TWINE: Manual mode for agressive behaviour doesn't work as expected new defect normal
#11989 TWINE: Adeline software jingle keeps looping through the startup screens new defect normal
#11991 TWINE: Music volume control shouldn't affect CD audio volume new enhancement normal
#12020 TWINE: Rendering artifacts if 3d model is clipped pending mgerhardy defect normal
#12037 TWINE: No music in FLA movie new mgerhardy defect normal
#12046 TWINE: Cannot turn while attacking in aggressive mode pending mgerhardy defect normal
#12074 TWINE: holomap feature is incomplete/missing new defect normal
#12078 TwinE: Unsupported version of Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsens Adventure) pending mgerhardy enhancement normal
#12085 TWINE: depth sorting issue for doors new defect normal
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