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TWINE: The Red Magnetic Card Bug (only CD-ROM version) (original bug)

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Priority: low Component: Engine: TwinE
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Cc: Game: Little Big Adventure


We should fix this original bug with a script patch

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by mgerhardy, 2 years ago

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comment:1 by mgerhardy, 2 years ago

By Quetch at 2007-12-09 17:01

This bugfix will prevent you from triggering the red card bug where you can break into the museum without owning the red card. Doing this will break the game, forcing you to start from the beginning. This bugfix will not fix a savegame that was exposed to the red card bug.

Extract the "LBA_GRI.HQR" file inside the archive and place it in the LBA 1 installation directory, overwriting the original one.

It prevents players from experiencing an error known as the "red card bug". This particular bug consists in being forced to restart the whole game after robbing the Maritime Museum with no Red Card in the inventory.

Fixing this problem was achieved by modifiying the Maritime Museum level. Now the player is forced to enter the museum without cheating, opposed to the classic situation where you could break into the Museum without the Red Card.

comment:2 by mgerhardy, 2 years ago

NOTE: It’s actually possible to escape the supergro
just running west to the door (it opens when touch)
and going down the trap door. This way we can
finish the Museum without the Red Card, bringing
the infamous Red Card Bug. The game will think
afterwards that you've already got the Red Card so you
won’t be able to obtain it later from the forger. This
will prevent you from going so far in the game, the
save game will be useless and you will be forced to
start all over again. The PSX and floppy versions have
this possibility fixed so the bug can’t happen, just by
adding a bunch of barrels around the trap door in the
Museum. This way you never have time to run from the

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comment:3 by mgerhardy, 21 months ago

Summary: TWINE: Red card bug (original bug)TWINE: The Red Magnetic Card Bug (only CD-ROM version) (original bug)

comment:4 by mgerhardy, 21 months ago

This is probably the best known bug in LBA. It happens in
Proxima Island. You can enter the Museum just by buying a
ticket in the window for 5 Kashes, but once inside the
rabbibunny will sound the alarm as soon as he sees you,
and a supergro will appear from the telepod to shoot you.
But if you run fast you can pass the west door (it opens
when touch) and go down through the trap door before you
receive the supergro’s ball, allowing you to sneak into the
Museum afterwards. By doing this it’s not necessary to use
the Fake Red Card at all at the Museum.

The problem comes later, because once you get the
Ancestral Key from the treasure in the Museum the Red Card
is impossible to obtain. No matter if you spoke or not with
the forger in Principal Island, his brother in Proxima Island
won’t have a conversation, not “Hi!” as if you already got
the Red Card, and not the speech about visiting his brother
as if you didn’t.

And thanks to the save game system your present status is
always the only saved one, including you lacking the Red Card
and being unable to obtain it. Without the Red Card is not
possible to go inside FunFrock’s HQ, therefore is not possible
to finish the game and you would need to start all over again
unless you edit the saved game with an hexadecimal editor.

This bug has been prevented from happening in the floppy
disk and PSX versions, just by adding a circle of barrels
around the trap door in the Museum. This way the player needs
to spend more time going around the barrels, being so slow to
escape before being hit.

by mgerhardy, 20 months ago

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by mgerhardy, 20 months ago

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comment:6 by xesf, 13 months ago

Interesting, I didn't know it was fixed by them in the Floppy version or PSX. PSX does make sense since it was released later, but the Floppy version is strange. Still, if we can find the right modified files in the floppy version, we can patch the CD versions with it.

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