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#13566 COMMON: Partially downloaded icon sets cannot be redownloaded new defect blocker
#13567 COMMON: Crash when clicking "Hide" while downloading icons new defect blocker
#12775 BASE: The -g / --gfx-mode command-line option still handles the old scaler names new sev- defect high
#13470 COMMON: Data format issues when reading and writing doubles from file streams new defect high
#10962 BACKENDS: AMIGAOS: Configuring with -flto errors out on finding a suitable compiler (AmigaOS4) new defect normal
#12345 BASE: The detection plugin is almost always loaded in memory new defect normal
#12410 KEYMAPPER: `SHIFT`+`.` is modified to `.` new defect normal
#12882 WII: scummvm always returns to system menu on exit new defect normal
#12975 BASE: FSNode or DefaultSaveFileManager should provide an overloadable remove file method. pending criezy defect normal
#12993 GUI: Segmentation fault when clicking on Options in the ScummVM GMM pending antoniou79 defect normal
#13157 COMMON: EventManager's getMousePos() is not always reliable new defect normal
#13418 Consider implementing auto-complete for individual games that can support it. new feature request normal
#13432 GUI: Options dialog complains about non-existing saves in autosave slot new defect normal
#13435 GUI: Placeholder titles in gamelist? new defect normal
#13456 SDL: No Mouse or Keyboard with SDL 2.20 new defect normal
#13485 FriBiDi: Error when compiling because some symbols are not allowed. new defect normal
#13603 LAUNCHER: Crash in detection plugin (Add game and start certain games) new defect normal
#13469 Mod (Modifications) Support new feature request low
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