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#12074 TWINE: rendering of the holomap is broken pending mgerhardy defect normal
#11991 TWINE: Music volume control shouldn't affect CD audio volume new defect normal
#12875 TWINE: rendering issues on the left side in 1920x1200 new defect low
#13116 TWINE: slowdown when grid mask is applied new defect normal
#13134 TWINE: LBA1 Credits screen in high resolution mode shows hidden character models to the side new defect normal
#13177 TWINE: Tank is stuck new mgerhardy defect normal
#13570 TWINE: The Red Magnetic Card Bug (only CD-ROM version) (original bug) new defect low
#13675 TWINE: Sometimes twinsen get's stuck in in a loop of throwing the magic ball new defect normal
#13677 TWINE: pressing enter to choose an item in the inventory also recenters the camera new defect low
#13731 TWINE: The movement of the meca penguin is different from dos version new defect normal
#13818 TWINE: FunFrock’s HQ Front Door Bug (original bug) new defect low
#13819 TWINE: FunFrock’s HQ Safe (original bug) new defect low
#13872 TWINE: minor wording issue - german translation (original bug) new defect low
#14669 TWINE: Multiple track issues new defect normal
#14778 TWINE: Some in-game options are being translated to ??? new defect normal
#14805 TWINE: black screen after snow lift cutscene new defect normal
#14807 TWINE: TV screen in Principal Island house plays a second wrong video new defect normal
#15112 TWINE: Unknown game variant for twine new defect normal
#15113 TWINE: Unknown game variant for twine new defect normal
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