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#12345 BASE: The detection plugin is almost always loaded in memory new defect normal
#12410 KEYMAPPER: `SHIFT`+`.` is modified to `.` new defect normal
#12882 WII: scummvm always returns to system menu on exit new defect normal
#12975 BASE: FSNode or DefaultSaveFileManager should provide an overloadable remove file method. pending criezy defect normal
#13157 COMMON: EventManager's getMousePos() is not always reliable new defect normal
#13418 Consider implementing auto-complete for individual games that can support it. new feature request normal
#13432 GUI: Options dialog complains about non-existing saves in autosave slot new defect normal
#13456 SDL: No Mouse or Keyboard with SDL 2.20 new defect normal
#13805 OPENGL: Graphics filters not applied to mouse cursor new defect normal
#13911 Gracefully handle multiple controllers new feature request normal
#14174 When installed via "make dist-generic", theme folder isn't automatically found unless supported by backend new lephilousophe defect normal
#14359 BASE: Window resolution setting via command line is broken new defect normal
#14729 Newer updated signatures get games blocked until a new ScummVM is released new feature request normal
#14816 Cleanup feature new feature request normal
#14843 MacResManager: don't look for files outside game folder new defect normal
#14853 COMMON: Rework path handling causes performance regression new defect normal
#14875 COMMON: Fallback detection of games happen even when there are exact matches new defect normal
#15013 COMMON: Invalid save path leads to crash/debugger coming up new defect normal
#15095 ENGINES: Quitting via in-game commands does not respect "Return to the launcher when leaving the game" new defect normal
#15124 Option to lock the window size new feature request normal
#15183 COMMON: Automatically handle RISC OS files with NFS extensions new defect normal
#14161 ENGINES: Allow running multi-CD games directly from the original discs new feature request low
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