23:09 Ticket #13960 (BACKENDS: PS3 and physical CD issues) created by NiQ1
There are serious issues when trying to play directly from the …
00:14 Ticket #13959 (SCUMM: MI1 (Floppy) Broken door sound effect) created by GermanTribun
Game: MI1 Version: Floppy (German) ScummVM: 2.7.0git System: Windows …


13:02 Ticket #13947 (SCUMM: Only partially translated original GUI in DOTT) closed by dwatteau
pending: This has now been integrated into our development version, and should …


22:52 Ticket #11941 (Add Traditional Chinese support for Beneath a Steel Sky.) closed by sev-
fixed: In fact, support has been added. Please check with the daily builds
20:55 Ticket #13958 (BACKENDS: On-screen keyboard (squeekboard) on mobile linux doesn't work) created by chri2
On the Librem5 (arm64, imx8) …
19:15 Ticket #13957 (FREESCAPE: Demo mode does not match the original implementation in Driller) created by neuromancer
In all supported releases of Driller (DOS/Amiga/AtariST), the demo …
18:43 Ticket #13956 (FREESCAPE: intro title sequences are not completely implemented in Driller) created by neuromancer
Certain Driller releases will show an image or a simple animation …
18:35 Ticket #13955 (AGI: Same as #10872 - SQ1 1.0X Hangs just before Skimmer - maybe more ...) created by JWayneMorris
This ticket is same is previously entered and seeming not yet solved …
15:42 Ticket #13954 (FREESCAPE: certain UI elements are not implemented yet in Driller) created by neuromancer
There is a number of UI elements that are not implemented for certain …
13:08 Ticket #13953 (TINSEL: DW2 - random setMusicSceneDetails() mutex lock-ups when ...) created by dwatteau
ScummVM 2.6.1 and current Git HEAD. I can only trigger this on OSX …
11:28 Ticket #12080 (DIRECTOR: Missing director game: Das Bi-Ba-Butze-Haus) closed by tag2015
01:07 Ticket #13952 (ANDROID: AGS: Can't load games with resources >2GB on ARM32) created by nahuel36
I tried to play Nightmare Frames game, buyed from steam, in my cel …


23:23 Ticket #13324 (DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for director: Fine Gardening Propagation) closed by sev-
fixed: I added the detection in d979c4d23c6db191df24d931127a03393f1a4be2. …
23:17 Ticket #13951 (AGOS: SIMON1 - Music quits (since ScummVM 2.6.0) in certain screens) created by lawadr
There are at least a few areas that instantly cause the music to cut …
23:14 Ticket #13112 (DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for director (Jewels of the Oracle, ...) closed by sev-
fixed: I added the detection. However, I'd like to have the game version to …
22:50 Ticket #13100 (GOB: Add Detection for "Playtoons4: The Mandarin Prince" German Variant) closed by sev-
fixed: Added detection in bbe39976fa4c399fe4d13b311b1d4fee99183ab2. Please …
22:46 Ticket #13099 (GOB: Add Detection for "Playtoons 5: The Stone of Wakan" German Variant) closed by sev-
fixed: I added the detection. Please test with the daily build from December 4
17:23 Ticket #13950 (ULTIMA8: Unable to insert items into backpack) created by juugomania
After Mythran has given the recall item and red potion, any items …
09:33 Ticket #13034 (MOHAWK: Unknown game variant for mohawk) closed by sev-
fixed: @aquadran, it is absolutely not possible to read your mind what the …
09:29 Ticket #13028 (MYST3: Unknown Game Variant of Myst 3) closed by sev-
invalid: I am closing this due to a lack of information. Also, we have …


19:20 Ticket #13931 ([MADS] unknown nebular compressed game variants) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks, these entries are now included.
14:38 Ticket #13290 (ZVISION: Grand Inquisitor (CD/Macintosh/English) is added twice by the ...) closed by tag2015


15:59 Ticket #13586 (AGOS: Impossible to recover power points in Elvira 2) closed by tag2015
11:36 Ticket #13308 (DRAGONS: Blazing Dragons US ps1 files) closed by tag2015
10:25 Ticket #13949 (WME3D: Limbo of the Lost - sprite color and transparency issue) created by joshas
Please don't ask why, but I've tested Limbo of the Lost on current …
10:13 Ticket #13923 (Can't exit The 7th Guest) closed by Die4Ever
fixed: thanks!
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