15:39 Ticket #11691 (Blazing Dragons DE: Minigame dialogues are missing) created by afreickmann
The dialogues playing through the minigames are missing catapult 1: …
15:36 Ticket #11690 (Blazing Dragons: F5 for game menu) created by afreickmann
The current implementation let the user only access the ScummVM menu …
15:22 Ticket #11689 (Blazing Dragons: Missing character shadows) created by afreickmann
I noticed that mostly Flicker is missing his shadow, but not all of …
13:50 Ticket #11613 (Blazing Dragons DE: Cut scenes no audio, skipping scenes) closed by yuv422
13:23 Ticket #10899 (SCUMM: Full Throttle "Remastered" Crash in SMUSH Codec) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed. This appeared to be a simple copying codec.


23:05 Ticket #11688 (AGOS: Feeble - Bug when wood log is destroyed after catching native in ...) created by bobosch
Game: The Feeble Files (4CD/Windows/German) ScummVM: 2.3.0git315 …


16:42 Ticket #11687 (CINE: OS: Space missing in verb line) created by TheRealSpole
DOS 256 version. 2.3.0git296-g8fc5450aae missing a space in the line …


21:02 Ticket #11685 (scummvm.exe -v don't give output) closed by criezy
duplicate: Thank you, but we already have a ticket for this issue (bug #11413). …
20:50 Ticket #11684 (NUVIE: QueuingAudioStreamImpl) closed by cscotts
fixed: Great, that looks like it got it. Sorry, I had seen your patch, but I …
20:48 Ticket #11686 (CINE: OS: Impossible to use inventory) created by TheRealSpole
Operation Stealth DOS version. It is not possible to use the …
20:45 Ticket #11685 (scummvm.exe -v don't give output) created by TheRealSpole
According to instructions version number should be printed, but no …
18:11 Ticket #11684 (NUVIE: QueuingAudioStreamImpl) created by cscotts
ScummVM version 2.2.0pre150-g1808d6f8f0 (Sep 6) Running on macOS …
14:05 Ticket #11683 (SCI: QFG2 - Heavy reverb from city street sounds continues to ...) created by Lambonius83
ScummVM 2.3.0git257-g0e4e3354bd (Sep 4 2020 22:42:10) (I also …


18:49 Ticket #11680 (GLK: redefinition TRUE and FALSE) closed by dreammaster
wontfix: Agreed. But a lot of the original code is C based. So long term it …
18:44 Ticket #11679 (GLK: array subscript is above array bounds [-Warray-bounds]) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for letting me know
18:23 Ticket #11681 (lure: this 'if' clause does not guard... [-Wmisleading-indentation]) closed by dreammaster
17:43 Ticket #11682 (Ultima 6 Enhanced: Crash when using rune) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for discovering this, and prior to the release. It's now fixed.
16:49 Ticket #11407 (BLADERUNNER: Behavior of Enter key) closed by antoniou79
fixed: ok closing this as fixed.
12:10 Ticket #6575 (MORTEVIELLE: Mortville Manor French version not detected at all) closed by criezy
fixed: The detection entry was added, and I added the fr menu to the dat file …
10:42 Ticket #11682 (Ultima 6 Enhanced: Crash when using rune) created by avionlore
When using the rune stone at the first shrine and entering the correct …
10:36 Ticket #11681 (lure: this 'if' clause does not guard... [-Wmisleading-indentation]) created by fedor4ever
scummvm/engines/lure/menu.cpp at line 602. GCC 7.1.0 for symbian.
08:41 Ticket #11680 (GLK: redefinition TRUE and FALSE) created by fedor4ever
Scummvm will go to modern C++11 and this look very funny. true and …
08:33 Ticket #11679 (GLK: array subscript is above array bounds [-Warray-bounds]) created by fedor4ever
GCC 7.1.0(arm-none-symbianelf-gcc.exe) warns: array subscript is …
03:00 Ticket #11567 (GLK: Every game - Quits after ten minutes) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Not sure how to properly fix ZCode autosaves for now, so for the time …
02:01 Ticket #11661 (ULTIMA4: Stepping into a Moongate) closed by dreammaster
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