15:06 Ticket #11285 (BACKENDS: Wacom Intuos Tablet - pointer does not work) created by mcfarrel
Using Wacom Intuos Tablet model L I do encountered problems with …


18:14 Ticket #11284 (SCUMM: Monkey Island 2 - German Amiga sound driver bug) created by dataarchivist
The game completly freeze and need to be closed with closing the cmd. …
07:40 Ticket #11278 (BUILD: Build failure on unstable Debian (FluidSynth 2.1.0)) closed by digitall
No problem. Will close bug as fixed. Not sure about the e-mail …


05:02 Ticket #11283 (Unknown game variant for Sherlock) closed by digitall
fixed: Added detection entry in …


21:12 Ticket #11283 (Unknown game variant for Sherlock) created by lorz
Game: Sherlock Holmes - Sase of Serrated Scalpel (spanish floppy …
11:02 Ticket #11282 (Patch files don't work with Gabriel Knight 2 - The beast within) created by lorz
1) ScummVM version: ScummVM 2.1.0 (Oct 5 2019 01:07:22) 2) Bug …
10:31 Ticket #11281 (Expose Humongous ini settings in game options) created by henke37
The various Humongous games have more or less documented options set …


23:35 Ticket #11279 (FOTAQ Talkie - Dialog stuck) closed by digitall
20:48 Ticket #11280 (Gabriel Knight 2 DOS German) created by ns394
The background music (or noises) stops, when a FMV sequence is played …
19:04 Ticket #11061 (Unknown game variant for Wintermute - Face Noir) closed by bluegr
Merged the pull request
14:26 Ticket #9704 (WME: Reversion 1+2 Font issues with installed font) closed by lolbot-iichan
Seems to be fixed long time ago, closing after long inactivity. …
14:25 Ticket #6851 (WME: 5MA - graphical mistake in Load Menu in polish localization) closed by lolbot-iichan
Seems to be fixed long time ago, closing after long inactivity. …
10:10 Ticket #11279 (FOTAQ Talkie - Dialog stuck) created by techfixes1
Scumm VM version:2.10 (Oct 5 2019 01:07:22) Platform: PC WIndows Game …
08:28 Ticket #11278 (BUILD: Build failure on unstable Debian (FluidSynth 2.1.0)) created by eriktorbjorn
Debian unstable recently updated from FluidSynth 1.1.14 to 2.1.0. …
06:26 Changeset [1db9e2f0]master by Weblate <noreply@…>
PRINCE: I18N: Update translation (English) Currently translated at …
00:30 Changeset [8f897f2] by digitall
GLK: ARCHETYPE: Fix Unused Const Variable Compiler Warning This is …


23:10 Changeset [9cd37b0d] by sev-
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Improved debug output for MacText
21:31 Changeset [dbd7581c] by digitall
MOHAWK: Remove Unused Engine Pointer from Riven Options Dialog …
18:42 Changeset [0edf2da7] by GitHub <noreply@…>
3DS: Fix compilation
15:09 Changeset [c3c3137a] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
BACKENDS: Move nextHigher2() into common/algorithm.h
13:46 Changeset [97b4ee93] by antoniou79
ANDROID: Fix bad message id for long press back btn
13:24 Changeset [13654b98] by criezy
I18N: Update translations templates
13:04 Changeset [d105041] by antoniou79
ANDROID: Long press for back button has an alternate (menu button) function
12:48 Changeset [d584df6a] by Antoniou Athanasios <antoniou@…>
ANDROID: Improve keyboard support (#1857)
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