18:32 Ticket #11038 (SCI: SQ4: Entering skate-o-rama incompletable at slower speeds (CD only)) created by TheQL
Though apparently ScummVM fixes timing problems I got blasted …
18:30 Ticket #11037 (iOS crash on digital audio in Simon the Sorcerer) created by TheQL
Simon the Sorcerer (CD/Windows/German) seems to crash when digital …
18:23 Ticket #11036 (iOS issue "Could not initialize color format." on starting Blade ...) created by TheQL
Both games, but probably others, show this error and then only show …
08:51 Ticket #11035 (Unknown game variant for Cryo Omni3D) created by legluondunet
Hello, I tried to import "Versailles - Complot à la cour du roi …


02:23 Ticket #11034 (BLADERUNNER: Linux crash on load game) closed by antoniou79
fixed: Excellent. Closing this one.


02:59 Ticket #11034 (BLADERUNNER: Linux crash on load game) created by bryab
Played BLADERUNNER for about 20 minutes. Saved game through ingame …


04:20 Ticket #11033 (WME: Save text input broken) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.1.0git (Jul 27 2019 18:57:01) Features compiled in: Vorbis …
03:06 Ticket #6570 (WME: Save thumbnails are black) closed by raziel-
In favour of continuing the Corrosion specific issue, an enhancement …
03:03 Ticket #11032 (WME: Corrosion - Add save thumbnails) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.1.0git (Jul 27 2019 18:57:01) Features compiled in: Vorbis …


17:10 Ticket #11016 (Unknown game variant for Parallaction) closed by lotharsm
13:48 Ticket #11031 (QFG4: Bonehead's dialog is fast forwarded when giving him a present) created by lwcorp
The bones shoot at you when you try passing into Baba Yaga, unless you …
06:38 Ticket #11030 (SCI: QFG4 - first question in final dialogue with Punny Bones is read ...) created by lwcorp
Before Punny Bones leaves (following his final performance) you can …


11:39 Ticket #11029 (QFG4: Restoring Autosave (aka save #0) restores save #1 instead) created by lwcorp
Autosave, aka save number 0, saves all the times. The preview on it …
06:23 Ticket #9681 (SCI: MUMG256: Crash when clicking in the wrong place on the Sierra logo) closed by bluegr
01:57 Ticket #11017 (SCI: ICEMAN: Destroyer timer bugs) closed by sluicebox
01:56 Ticket #11027 (SCI: CAMELOT: Missing points when buying hunter's furs) closed by sluicebox
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