21:46 Ticket #7139 (BBVS: Undefined behavior - shift of a negative value) closed by csnover
fixed: Oops, I fixed these in cc12c878b7faba373ac23aecf798f979122e5bd8 and …
19:59 Ticket #10220 (MOHAWK: MYST: Invalid read in VideoManager::open) closed by bgK
19:57 Changeset [1757f7dc] by bgK
AUDIO: Switch to BitStreamMemoryStream in the QDM2 decoder
19:57 Changeset [bf3c9881] by bgK
AUDIO: Add some padding to the QDM2 decoder input buffer Fixes out of …
19:35 Ticket #6059 (SDL: Mouse sticky to bottom and/or right border) closed by csnover
outdated: This is not a problem with SDL2 and the new graphics manager code.
19:22 Ticket #7157 (DEB package for Debian, is not installable.) closed by csnover
duplicate: This seems to be related to outdated control data for packaging so I …
19:21 Ticket #7129 (Cannot run ScummVM full screen on a single XRandR output) closed by csnover
outdated: This looks to be related to old SDL1 stuff. SDL2 uses desktop …
19:20 Ticket #7128 (Improved documentation for single screen use with Xinerama) closed by csnover
outdated: This looks to be related to old SDL1 stuff. SDL2 uses desktop …
19:03 Ticket #6411 (KYRA1: hanging notes using MT-32) closed by csnover
outdated: This is a very old ticket and Munt has been updated to the latest …
18:59 Ticket #6318 (HOPKINS: Wrong palette for inventory icons on Wii) closed by csnover
outdated: I am closing this ticket due to lack of response from OP to last query …
18:45 Ticket #7079 (MIDI doesn't work (Dragon History, Linux).) closed by csnover
worksforme: Since it looks like the OP is not able to receive updates since they …
18:33 Ticket #6242 (AUDIO: Built-In MT-32 MUNT Produces Wrong Sounds) closed by csnover
outdated: Munt has been updated for the next release, and part of the issue …
18:28 Ticket #6795 (UBUNTU: Fullscreen/Windowed with ALT+ENTER fails in 14.04) closed by csnover
wontfix: Since the last comment seems to indicate this is a conflict with some …
18:22 Ticket #7114 (OPENGL: Errors when moving program to background on Win32) closed by csnover
invalid: Closing per last comment.
18:21 Ticket #7181 (SDL1: mouse error when using SDL1, 3x and full screen, was: SQ5: Space ...) closed by csnover
wontfix: There is still some cross-platform issue with SDL1 here, in 3x mode …
17:58 Ticket #9661 (Insert ScummVM in Arc Browser Frontend) closed by csnover
wontfix: Thanks for your request! This is a request that should be sent to the …
17:55 Ticket #9686 (Two lines in one particular method crash compiler (msvc14 , Release ...) closed by csnover
wontfix: Thanks for your report! Since this is a compiler error for an …
17:41 Ticket #10005 (Add 6xbrz filter or Hq5x) closed by csnover
duplicate: This is the same thing as #9719 except worded differently.
17:33 Ticket #10048 (SCUMMVM: opengl window mode bug, no resize) closed by csnover
fixed: Since there have been changes and improvements to the graphics manager …
17:21 Ticket #10298 (CRYO: Lost Eden: Saved game is not shown visually) closed by csnover
invalid: This engine is still under development so is not ready yet to receive …
06:11 Ticket #10204 (Feature Request: Texture Replacement (Texture Dumping and Loading), HD ...) closed by csnover
wontfix: ScummVM doesn’t work that way. There is no way that such a feature …
06:01 Ticket #6316 (Segmentation fault on startup on Ubuntu 12.04 precise armv7l) closed by csnover
outdated: Reviewing this ticket in preparation for the next release, as it was …
04:57 Changeset [b0eb5caa] by Colin Snover <github.com@…>
LURE: Stop taking address of unaligned pointer While usage of these …
04:20 Ticket #9689 (SCI: PQ4: Endgame is difficult to navigate due to lack of mouse capture) closed by csnover
fixed: Since PR#1009 is landed now I will consider this essentially fixed. …
03:35 Ticket #10312 (WIN: "WARNING: unknown gfx mode -1!") closed by csnover
fixed: Thanks for your report! A patch for this issue has been added in …
03:34 Changeset [8e8ec390] by Colin Snover <github.com@…>
SDL: Get correct default graphics mode ID when queried Fixes Trac#10312.
01:09 Ticket #10313 (GUI: Please clarify expected behaviour of 'Apply' button.) created by macca8
The Apply button provides a very simple feature: change a Global …
01:04 Changeset [8a42959e] by dreammaster
XEEN: Fix FX calls in multiAttack


20:18 Changeset [872c5ee7] by digitall
LINUX: Fix Header for major/minor macros, thus removing warnings. …
20:13 Changeset [262570a5] by criezy
I18N: Update translation (German) Currently translated at 100.0% (959 …


04:05 Changeset [18b8a8cd] by criezy
I18N: Regenerate translations data file


17:04 Changeset [e130f3c7] by Paweł Kołodziejski <aquadran@…>
DOCS: update NEWS and KNOWN_BUGS entries
15:23 Changeset [44d35556] by bgK
STARK: Implement the diary index screen
15:23 Changeset [3c0344bf] by bgK
STARK: Add a Screen abstraction to the user interface
15:23 Changeset [c1fc03aa] by bgK
STARK: Add static resource reference resolution handling
15:23 Changeset [cacf1659] by bgK
STARK: Add static location handling to StaticProvider
15:23 Changeset [29a330e] by bgK
STARK: Move UI elements to the world subfolder
08:11 Changeset [d55597ff] by bgK
NEWS: Minor fixes
08:00 Changeset [3fb54b12] by bgK
NEWS: Mention the switch to SDL2 by default
07:44 Changeset [dc8196dc] by bgK
NEWS: Add stubs for v0.4.0
07:38 Changeset [c8ab82a3] by bgK
RELEASE: This is 0.4.0git


15:38 Changeset [87bff2df] by dreammaster
TITANIC: Remove testing flag from German version
08:20 Changeset [e742be43] by rootfather
ŃEWS: Update German NEWS file
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