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UBUNTU: Fullscreen/Windowed with ALT+ENTER fails in 14.04

Reported by: SF/legluondunet Owned by: csnover
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I'm using last Scummvm git version and alt+enter does not work. If I launch Scummvm in fullscreen: $ scummvm -f alt+enter works, only one time to go windowed, then does nothing. If I launch Scummvm in windowed mode, alt+enter does nothing.

Do I have to submit a bug?

Config: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty 64 bits - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 - official Ubuntu Nvidia drivers 331.113 - resolution 1920x1080 - Processor Intel i5-3570 3,4 Ghz - 8 Go RAM

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comment:1 by lordhoto, 9 years ago

Did you check whether your window manager uses Alt+Enter for something? It is very likely that your window manager intercepts the key combo and ScummVM does no receive it anymore.

comment:2 by SF/legluondunet, 9 years ago

I have not this problem with Dosbox (and other apps) wich uses the same key combination to enter/exit fullscreen. Did you try to reproduce the bug on Ubuntu 14.04? This bug is present too in the scummvm package from Ubuntu official repositories.

comment:3 by digitall, 9 years ago

Summary: fullscreen/windowed with alt+enter not work on linuxUBUNTU: Fullscreen/Windowed with ALT+ENTER fails in 14.04

comment:4 by digitall, 9 years ago

Just tested on Linux x86_64 here with ScummVM 1.8.0git2618-g3fe7c64 with no problems.

@legluondunet: What version of ScummVM are you using? As Ubuntu is based on Debian, it can lag quite badly. The current stable release is v1.7.0:

If that also exhibits the issue, try with the latest v1.8.0git Development master build from here:

comment:5 by SF/legluondunet, 9 years ago

Hello Digitall, I just compiled ScummVM last git on Ubuntu 14.04, the bug is still here.

comment:6 by wjp, 9 years ago

Google shows random forum posts saying that Unity/Ubuntu intercepts Alt to launch some HUD-like thing.

comment:7 by SF/legluondunet, 9 years ago

Like I said others apps don't have this problem: I can enter dosbox fullscreen with alt+enter on Ubuntu/Unity.ScummVM should take hotkey control when it has focus. Anyway, is it possible to change this ScummVM hotkey because it's very annoying for Ubuntu users?

comment:8 by wjp, 9 years ago

To make sure you're comparing the same thing: do you have the mouse captured in both scummvm and dosbox when trying that?

comment:9 by digitall, 9 years ago

@legluondunet: Thanks for the update. Can you confirm which version of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS you are using? i.e. 14.04.1 or 14.04 and is this 32 or 64 bit?

As this is freely available:

I intend to download a copy and spin this up in a Virtual Machine image using VirtualBox or QEMU. I can then test this there and see if I can replicate the issue.

I suspect the ALT-ENTER is getting to ScummVM, but that it is failing to go fullscreen, possibly due to an issue with libSDL or OpenGL drivers...

comment:10 by SF/legluondunet, 9 years ago

Willem Jan: ScummVM does not capture the mouse as dosbox do. For Dosbox, you click one time on his wondows and the cursor/focus is blocked inside Dosbox. Then you can use alt+enter to enter fullscreen and ctrl+F10 to free the cursor. For ScummVM, alt+ enter does not work even if the ScummVM has the focus.

Digital: I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.1 64 bits, drivers Nvdia from official Ubuntu repositories

comment:11 by wjp, 9 years ago

Ctrl-M captures the mouse in scummvm.

You're a bit unclear, but are you implying that in dosbox alt-enter also does not work if you don't have the mouse captured?

comment:12 by criezy, 9 years ago

I can confirm that in ubuntu 14.04, Alt+Enter in ScummVM works with the mouse captured but doesn't work when it is not captured.

comment:13 by SF/legluondunet, 9 years ago

Willem: If I do a ctrl+m, my mouse is captured inside ScummVM and I can do alt+enter to enter/exit fullscreen. This answer resolve a part of this issue. But how does work ScummVM on Windows? You have to do a "Ctrl+M" before "Alt+f" to enter/exit fullscreen?

comment:14 by criezy, 7 years ago

I am coming back to this bug after a long time as I just found out that if I disable the "Key to shot the menu bar while pressed" option (it is by default set to Alt) in the Unity settings then Alt+Enter works correctly for me to toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode in Ubuntu 14.04 (and before disabling that shortcut it was not working).

Note: I used ccsm (CompizConfig Settings Manager) to change this settings.

comment:15 by csnover, 6 years ago

Owner: set to csnover
Resolution: wontfix
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Since the last comment seems to indicate this is a conflict with some global hotkey in Unity, it seems like there is a reasonable OS-level workaround. Additionally, since Unity is being discontinued by Canonical to be replaced by GNOME this coming April, it seems that there is not much need to make a change here and the issue will eventually resolve itself as Unity desktops go away. So I am closing this ticket.

comment:16 by digitall, 5 years ago

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